Title: Count
Title in succession:
Date created: 
Grant by:  
Grand Master Pinto de Fonseca
Granted To: Ignazio Moscati-Falsoni-Navarra (dormant)
Rep: Moscati-Falsoni-Navarra
Remainder to:
his descendants and successors to the Bahria Estates in perpetuity
Present Holder: Vacant
Heir Apparent: Salvatore Consoli-Palermo-Navarra (never registered with Comm. of Privileges)
Note: Count of Bahria was annexed to the grantee's estates, where this title may not only be inherited by the 
Counts first son, but also by a stranger who may come to own the Bahria Estates.
Abeyance: Passed into abeyance 1978 (brought out 1983 by the Comm. of Privileges but never registered).
Further notes: Italy


The title of Count was recognised to the Bahria estates owned by the grantee. These estates, purchased by Navarra family from the Calava family in 1599, were raised to the dignity of a feudal tenure. The title is inheritable by any stranger in blood who may come into ownership of the Bahria estates. 

The first grantee was Ignazio Moscati-Falsoni-Navarra by the Grand Master Pinto de Fonseca on the 16th May 1743. The next holder was Iganzio`s eldest daughter, Maria Teresa, who married Antonio Stagno, 3rd Count of Casandola (Sicilian Title). 
The Count of Bahria who emigrated to Sicily was in possession of various entails, he was very short of money. Because of his near bankrupt state, his emigration could hardly have caused any economic problems on the island.

Elopement sometimes occurred when the parents refuse to give their daughter permission to marry. The circumstances were however different in the case of Maria Teresa, daughter of the Count of Bahria. Her lover, the Conventual's Chaplain Fra. Samuele, the head of the Grand Master Pinto's pages, had used his friendship with the Count as a means of obtaining entry to the Palazzo in Gudja. In October, 1754, the couple eloped taking with them valuables estimated to be worth 30,000 scudi and embarked on a French privateer destined for the Levant. There, they settled in the house of the French consul in Corfu. Through an intermediary, the Count of Bahria informed the Governor of Corfu of the robbery, and the couple were subsequently arrested and imprisoned. As Corfu came under Venetian jurisdiction, the couple were sent to Venice for trial. Here the 'long-haired Samuele' is said to have died. Maria Teresa was placed in a convent but eventually succeeded in making her way to Syracuse where she is said to have married a certain Stagno to whom she bore a son, Giuseppe. This however, was more likely a polite fiction and the child was really the son of Fra.Samuele. The Count of Bahria, her father, subsequently settled down in Messinam, where his descendants perished in an earthquake about one hundred and fifty years later.

The patent of Bahria differed from all previous diplomas of nobility because it empowered the title holder to nominate as his successors either a relative, or even a stranger in blood (etiam extraneos).

The House of Stagno-Navarra carried two titles to 1908, where the 5th Count of Bahria and his family perished in the Messina earthquake of 1908. 

The title was succeeded by the 5th Count sister`s son, Raimondo Palermo-Navarra. This too went out of the Palermo family to the Consoli family in 1962, though the Title of Casandola went into abeyance. 

The present holder Salvatore Consoli-Palermo-Navarra is the 9th Count of Bahria and lives in Sicily. 

* Giulio Moscati, married with issue

1. Domenico Moscati, married (1) to Petruccia, Married (2) Peruna, with issues.
1.1. (First Marriage) Giuliano Moscati, married (1) Imperia.. Married (2) Scolastica Xerri, with issues.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Vincenzo Moscati, married 1556 to Francesca Fava, with issue. Dr. Nicol'Antonio Moscati JUD, married 1588 to Isabella Bonici, with issue Antonia Moscati, married 1607 to Pasquale Testaferrata, with issue Imperia Moscati, married 1583 to Pietro Moscati. (See Below) Lucrezia Moscati, married Giovanni Zrenzo.
1.1.2. (Second Marriage) Vittoria Moscati, died 1583.
1.1.3. Caterina Moscati, married Pietro Sillato
1.2. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Moscati
1.3. Mariano Moscati
2. Raffaele Moscati, married Anna.., with issue
2.1. Pietro Moscati of Casal Lia, married 1522 to Giovanna Zerafa, with issue
2.1.1. Leonardo Moscati, married 1556 to Antonia Mangion, with issue Paolo Moscati, married 1571 to Caterina ..., with issue Lorenzo Moscati, married 1591 to Domenica Borg, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married 1625 to Giovanella Buhagiar, with issue Gio Maria Moscati, married 1650 to Maria Moscati, with issue Gio Paolo Moscati, married 1677 to Domenica Buhagiar, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married 1717 to Evangelista Fenech, with issue Gio Paolo Moscati, married 1739 to Teresa Vella, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married 1777 to Agada Galea Ricardo (See San Marciano), with issue Giuseppe Moscati, married 1804 to Rosa Moscati Galea, (See Below), with issue Catherine Moscati, married 1848 to Barone Bartolomeo Vassallo, Barone di Bauvso (See Vassallo) Salvatore Moscati ( Muscat ), married 1806 to Grazia Mifsud, with issue Giacomo Muscat, married 1830 to Giovanna Grech, with issue Giuseppe Muscat, married 1857 to Alessandra Frendo, with issue Giacomo Muscat, married 1893 to Maria Galea, with issue Giovanna Muscat, married 1934 to Giuseppe Maria Falzon. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1720 to Alessandra Chetcuti, with issue Evangelista Moscati, married 1750 to Alberto Gatt. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1632 to Giovanna Azzopardi, with issue Maria Moscati, married 1650 to Gio Maria Moscati. (See Above). Mariano Moscati of Zebbug, married 1608 to Caterina Ciantar, with issue Dr. Claudio Moscati JUD, married 1642 to Teresa Xara, with issue Fra. Pietro Moscati. Domenico Moscati. Filippo Moscati, 'Jesuita'. Fra. Alfonso Moscati. Dr. Diego Moscati JUD, married (1) 1688 to Polidora Cassia dei Baroni di Ghariexem. Married (2) 1712 to Geltrude Sceberras., with issue. Dr. Claudio Moscati, JUD, (Died 1781), (Cr: 1776; Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghagin in Malta ), married 1723 to Saveria Testaferrata dei Baroni di Gomerino, with issue. Dr. Diegio Moscati JUD, 2nd Marchese di Xrobb-il-Ghagin, married 1760 to Elizabetta Dorel, with issue. Angela Moscati, married (1) 1778 to Conte Francesco Bianchi (Bianco)(See Foreign Titles), Married (2) Dr. Carlo Filomarino. (Natural issue by Rosalea Mompalao- See Taflia/Frigenuini) Saveria Moscati, De-Jure Baroness di Frigenuni ( 1760-97), grew up with her mother in Valetta , Malta .
Had two lovers with had children from. They were Marquis Antonio de Piro and the Lord Archibald Douglas-Hamilton. She is also noted as a Lover to one of the Bourbon Princes of Siciliy, As iam unware at this stage, or even if there are any issue from this liaison- click to see Descendants Pietro Moscati ( 1762-1819), married in Zebbug, with issue. Edoardo Moscati ( 1763-1855), married in Attard, with issue. Eufemia Moscati, died an Infant. Teresa Moscati, (d. 1781), married 1753 to Barone Stanisao Xara. Efemia Moscati, married (1) 1678 to Dr. Ludovico Mamo, Married Secondly to Gio Batta Gauci. Matteolo Moscati, married 1625 to Claruccia Pisano. Giovanna Moscati, married 1602 to Leone Schembri. Dr. Pietro Moscati, married 1583 to Imperia Moscati. Vincenzo Moscati, married 1596 to Caterina d'Anastasio, with issue Dr. Gio Leonardo Moscati JUD, married 1624 to Giovanella Abela, with issue Dr. Giacomo Moscati JUD, married 1667 to Teresa Mangion Abela dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue Ignazio Moscati. Anna Moscati, married 1692 to Martino Antonio Perdicomati Bologna. Angela Moscati, married 1665 to Antonio Abela. Isabella Moscati. Lorenza Moscati, married Andreotto Cumbo Navarra. Petronilla Moscati, married 1615 to Dr Diegio Antonio Feriol JUD. Dr. Giacomo Moscati JUD. Isabella Moscati, married Constantino Mirteglisen. Giovanella Moscati, married Gabrielle Vella. Paola Moscati, married Giacomo Bonici. Vincenza Moscati, married Dr. Domenico Mangion.
2.2. Giovanni Moscati of Casal Lia, married Agnese Cassia, with issue
2.2.1. Simone Moscati, married 1564 to Margarita Agius, with issue Sebastiano Moscati, 'Domenican'. Dr. Salvatore Moscati JUD, Prelat at Mosta. Giorgio Moscati, married 1611 to Marietta Pace, with issue. Dr. Filippo Moscati JUD, married 1623 to Caterina Gauci, with issue Dr. Gio Domenico Moscati JUD, married 1649 to Eufemia Tonna Pontremoli, with issue. Filippo Moscati, 'Canon'. Carlo Moscati, 'Canon'. Fra. Perino Moscati. Emanuele Moscati, married 1692 to Margarita Sceberras, with issue. Lorenzo Moscati, married (1) 1754 to Perna Xara Cassia dei Baroni di Ghariexem, Married (2) to Costanza Leocata. Married (2) Generosa Apap., with issue. (First Marriage) Emmanuele Moscati, (1755-1841), married (1) to Paola Gatto, Baroness di Benwarrad, with issue (See Benwarred in Maltese Titles). Married (2) to Vernandra dei Marchesi e Baroni de Piro. Paolo Moscati, married 1735 to Caterina Bonici, with issue. Anna Moscati, (d. 1797), married Cav. Domenico Pariso of Reggio Calabria, Sicily , with issue Sir. Paolo Pariso Moscati KCMG. (See British Knights). Don. Giovanni Pariso. Francesco Pariso. Gaetana Pariso. Antonio Moscati, Capitano della Verga of Malta , married 1711 to Scolastica Falsone, with issue. Ignazio Moscati, 1st Count of Bahria.
-See Below. Geronima Moscati, married 1730 to Ignazio Costanzo, 1st Duke (Duca) di Paganica. Rosalea Moscati, married 1716 to Claudio d'Amico Castelletti. (See Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana) Elizabetta Moscati. Teresa Moscati. Fra. Tomaso Moscati. Chierico. Vincenzo Moscati. Elena Moscati, married 1672 to Giovanni Gourgion. Giovanella Moscati, married Domenico Mangion. Margarita Moscati, married 1624 to Dr. Fabrizio Torrensi JUD. Aloisea Moscati, married 1612 to Leonardo Vella. Giovanella Moscati, married Giovanni Camilleri.

* Ignazio Moscati-Falsoni-Navarra, 1st Count of Bahria (Cr:1743-Malta),
married 4-3-1732 to Teodora Bonici

1. Maria Teresa Moscati Falsoni Navarra, 2nd Countess
-See Below.

2. Elisabetta Moscati Falsoni Navarra, married Giuseppe Agras, Duca di Castelluccio of Sicily, with issue
2.1. Don Francesco Emanuele, Duca di Castelluccio., married 10-1784 Donna Giuseppa Marassi e Cottone, daughter of Gian Girolamo Duke of Pietratagliata and Maria Cirillo Alliata e Cottone, with issue.
2.1.1. Don Giuseppe Emanuele (* 25-5-1787 + 25-12-1793 ), Duca di Castelluccio., dunm.
2.2. Don Ignazio Duca di Castelluccio (died 1793), married to Maddalena, daughter of Gerolamo Termine and Giuseppa Serafina Sgadari, with issue.
2.2.1. Don Giuseppe Francesco (* 4-1814 + 27-4-1860 ), last Duke of Castelluccio (senza investitura), dunm.

* Maria Teresa Moscati Falsoni Navarra, 2nd Countess of Bahria, Married (1) 1754 to Fra. Zoccolante Samuele, and were given a Papal despensation.
Married (2) 1757 to Antonio Stagno, 3rd Conte di Casandola (In Sicily-See Below for more details), with issue

1. Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, 3rd Count
-See Below.

2. Ignazio Stagno Navarra, married firstly 1801 to Rosa Scifo, married secondly 1815 to Maria Rosa Vassallo dei Baroni della Bauvso
2.1. (First Marriage) Maria Teresa Stagno Navarra, married Francesco Mizzi.
2.2. Dr. Bartolomeo Stagno Navarra, married Maria Teresa Petit Caxaro. (See Extinct titles under Counts of Meimum), with issue.
2.2.1. Elizabeth Stagno Navarra, married Dr Luigi Grungo LLD, with issue. Maria Grungo, married Vincenzo Dimech.
2.3. (second marriage) Manfredo Stagno Navarra, married 1857 to Maria Teresa Micallef Rapinett

2.3.1. Maria Carmela Stagno Navarra, married her cousin Dr Alberto Stagno Navarra LLD
-(See Below for descendants.)

2.3.2. Maria Carmena Stagno Navarra, married Joannes Alberto Tonna, with issue. Perla Tonna Stagno Navarra, married Carmelo Mifsud, with issue. Mary Mifsud, married George Pace Axiaq., with issue. Martin Pace Axiaq., married Mary Ann.. Norman Pace Axiaq., married Victoria ... Lambert Pace Axiaq., married Mariella.. Brian Pace Axiaq., married Mari.. Perla Pace Axiaq, married John Scriberras. Violet Mifsud, married Joseph Azzopardi., with issue. Raymond Azzopardi, married Josette. Claude Azzopardi, married Rita... Monique Azzopardi, married Anton Chetcuti Ganado. Mariella Azzopardi, married Anton Chetcuti. Carmen, married Anton Busuttil Dougall. Joseph Mifsud, married Dolores Debono., with issue. Tanya Mifsud. Michael Mifsud, married Maria... Anton Mifsud, married Susanna.. David Mifsud, married Maria... Alexander Mifsud, married Mary.. Joseph Mifsud, married Lucia.. Maria Mifsud, married David.. Carmen Mifsud. Jonathan Mifsud. Lina Mifsud, dunm. Herbert Mifsud, married Mary Bartolo, with issue. Jennifer Mifsud, married Joe Sciriha, with issue. Andrea Sciriha. Pierre Mifsud, married (1) Bieter Sommer, Married (2) Barbara Lees. Married (3) Elizabeth Jaunke., with issue. (First Marriage) Alan Mifsud. (Second Marriage) Tania (Kathcia) Mifsud. Niolai Mifsud-Lees. Madeline Mifsud, married Martin Saliba, with issue. Michelle Saliba. Matthew Paolo Juliano Saliba.

2.4. Rev. Spiridione Stagno Navarra KStJ. dunm.

2.5. Chev.Dr Guiseppe Stagno Navarra MD KtLS of Persia , married firstly to Cecily Zorab, and secondly to Marie Nemiro

2.5.1. (first marriage) Enrico Stagno Navarra (1845-) Worked in the Indo European Telegraphs., married Jane Cowan., with issue. Dr. Norman Stagno Navarra.
2.5.2. Guglielmo Stagno Navarra, (1847-1904), married 1881 to Leopoldina von Nemira, with issue Dr. Robert Stagno Navarra, (1882-1926), died in Bombay , India , married Millicent Cook, with issue. Major. Pennsylvania Unwin Stagno Navarra, (1910-52), married (1) Phyllis Dyer, Married (2) Muriel Dyer.., with issue (Marriage One) Bevlah Stagno Navarra, married Graham Walker RCMP, with issue. David Walker. Cathy Walker. Jane Walker. (Marriage Two) Robert Stagno Navarra,
De-Jure 9th Count of Cassandola in Sicily., married Beverley Winson, with issue. Kimberley Stagno Navarra. Mark Stagno Navarra, Contino di Cassandola. Karen Stagno Navarra. Bradley Stagno Navarra. Barry Stagno Navarra, married Patricia Clark, with issue. Michelle Stagno Navarra. Kars Stagno Navarra. Rebecca Stagno Navarra. Andrea Stagno Navarra, married Russell Douglas, with issue. Gregory Douglas. Nicole Douglas. Joan Stagno Navarra, (1913-, married Stanley Simmonds., with issue. Barbara Simmonds, married M.G. McNeil, with issue. William Mcneil. Michael Simmonds, married Mary Bubel, with issue. Sarah Simmonds. Heather Simmonds. John Stagno Navarra, (1887-1939), married Ruby Cook, with issue. Hugolino Stagno Navarra, (1911-, Migrated to Canada.dsp Irma Stagno Navarra, (1911-, Migrated to Canada.dsp. Henry Stagno Navarra, (1886-1943), married 1903 to May Ffrench, with issue. Nora Stagno Navarra, (1907-49), married Major. Robert Brodie., with issue. Janet Brodie, married Jim Weeks, with issue. Nicola Weeks. Andrew Weeks. James Weeks. Guy Weeks. Tessa Brodie, married Peter Hickman, with issue. Paula Brodie, married David Jones, with issue. Major Henry Guy Stagno Navarra, (1912-53 Baghdad , Iraq ), married (1) 1935 (divorced in 1948) to Beryl Anne Thodosia., married (2) 1953 Violia Babuskina., with issue. (First Marriage) Samuel Stagno Navarra, dunm. infancy. (issue of Jadwiga 'Hedy' Malinowska Zverovitch, adopted by Halbert amd Alice Hiteman) Nannette Navarra Hiteman, (1954-, married Larry Martin, with issue. Michael Martin. Jeffery Martin. Lorrie Martin. Alison Martin. Robert Stagno Navarra, (1916-89), married 1946 to Joan Weid., with issue. Georgia Stagno Navarra, (1947-, married Keith Willing, with issue. Lisa Willing. Michael Willing. Robert Stagno Navarra, (1949-. Allen Stagno Navarra. Andre Stagno Navarra. Derek Stagno Navarra, (1918-1995), married Violia Babuskina., dsp.
2.5.3. Irma Stagno Navarra, (1888-1951), married Joseph Algernon Hare Duke, with issue. William Hare Duke, (1908-82), married Doreen Chapman. Pamela Hare Duke, (1912-, married (1) 1912 to Geoffrey Turral. Married (2) 1947 to Archiblad Drake-Brockman. Irma Anna Hare Duke, (1916-38), dsp. Patricia Hare Duke, (1918-, married (1) 1943 to Prof. Charles Downman, Married (2) 1947 to Sir George Mooring., Married (3) 1980 to Sir Kenneth Maddocks.
2.5.4. Mary Stagno Navarra, (1843-1917), married Capt. Robert lawless, with issue. Wilhelmina Lawless, (1868-1958), married 1899 to Capt. Trevor Hayles RN, with issue. Trevor Hayles, (1900-16), killed in the Battle of Jutland., dunm.
2.5.5. (second marriage) Dr Alfredo Stagno Navarra LL.D, married his cousin Maria Carmela Stagno Navarra (see above) Armando Stagno Navarra, married Mary Chircop Kind Major Alfred Stagno Navarra ED KOMR (c 1919-81), married 1942 to Patricia Pullicino Richard Stagno Navarra (c 1944- Peter Stagno Navarra (c 1945-, married 1970 to Carmen Fabri Randolph Stagno Navarra (c 1972- Nicolai Stagno Navarra (c 1984- Andrew Stagno Navarra (c 1987- Petra Stagno Navarra (c Stephen Stagno Navarra (c 1947-, married Marika Galea-Naudi Keith Stagno Navarra Kira Stagno Navarra Adrian Stagno Navarra (c 1953-, married Maria Grech Pillow Brian Stagno Navarra Sasha Stagno Navarra Patrick Stagno Navarra (c 1957-, married Charlotte Micallef Maria Lorraine Stagno Navarra (c 1960-, married Manuel Portelli Ethel Stagno Navarra, married Gerald Amato Gauci
- Roberto Stagno Navarra Ignazio Stagno Navarra, married ???? Guiseppe Stagno Navarra, married Josephine Cassar (Died 2003), with issue Francis Stagno Navarra, married 1963 to Maria Depasquale George Stagno Navarra, married Madeleine Mifsud, with issue. Karl Stagno Navarra, married to Kirsty Callus., with issue. Valentina Stagno Navarra, (2004-. Rebecca Stagno Navarra, B.Sc, married 2000 to John Cachia Fearne, M.B.A Petra Stagno Navarra Camilla Stagno Navarra Adelaide Stagno Navarra, married Vincent Zerafa. Vivienne Stagno Navarra, married N.N. Montgomery. Maryanne Stagno Navarra, married Joseph Busutill. Josephine Stagno Navarra, married Vincent Arena. Maria Dolores Stagno Navarra, married Robert Jackson. Albert Stagno Navarra Alfred Stagno Navarra, (died 2004), married Rosemarie Dalli, with issue. Chantel Stagno Navarra. Alexander Stagno Navarra., with issue. Nicholas Stagno Navarra. Jonathan Stagno Navarra. Lisa Stagno Navarra.

* Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, 3rd Count of Bahria, 4th Conte di Casandola
Married to Francesca dei Baroni Ruffo

1. Antonio Stagno-Navarra, 4th Count

* Antonio Stagno Navarra, (Died 1881),4th Count of Bahria, 5th Conte di Casandola
Married to Maria Paola Marino-Alliata dei Baroni del Regio Damiano

1. Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, 5th Count
-See Below.

2. Francesca Stagno-Navarra (1836-74), married Calcedonio Palermo, with issue

2.1. Raimondo Palermo-Navarra, 6th Count
-See Below.

3. Maria Stagno Navarra, married 1844 to Guiseppe Biasini, with issue.

3.1. Dr Placido Biasini, married (1) 1903 to Cesira Abela, Married (2) Melita dei Marchesi Barbaro. (See San Giorgio), with issue

3.1.1. (First Marriage) Robert Biasini, (1904- married 1925 to Evelyn Tabone, with issue. Rene Biasini, married Rita Popielazz. Guido Biasini, married Marianna Cefai.

3.1.2. (Second Marriage) Josie Biasini, married Georgette Whitlock.

3.2. Paola Biasini, married Paolo Farrugia

3.3. Concetta Biasini

3.4. Guiseppina Biasini

3.5. Marietta Biasini (1875-1967), married 1987 to Edward Tonna

3.5.1. Violet Tonna Biasini (1908-81), married Peter Paul Cilia la Corte John Cilia la Corte ( 1934-, married 1960 to Helen Zammit Tabona Mark Cilia la Corte (1961-, married 1997 to Charmaine Xuereb Anne Cilia la Corte (1963-88), dunm. Paul Cilia la Corte (1966- Victor La Corte (c 1943-, married firstly 1965 to Patricia Hendrick (with issue), married secondly 1974 to Marilyn Rowland Michael La Corte (1966-, married Suzanne Penington Rebecca Claire La Corte

3.5.2. Mary Tonna Biasini (1904-87), married firstly 1935 Norman Miller and secondly in 1942 to Archibald Sinclair

3.5.3. Emilie Tonna Biasini ( 1907-96), married Paul Manara Alexander Manara (1922-, married 1946 to Lillian Aguis Norman Manara ( 1947-, married 1971 to Carmel Twohig Michael Manara (1976- Sean Dillion Manara ( 1979- Angela Manara (1949-, married Ian MacNeill David Manara (1952-, married 1976 to Catherine Jane Paget Matthew Manara (1979- Andrew Manara (1982- Jason Manara (1985- Thelma Manara (1924-, married firstly 1942 to Joseph Falzon Bernard (with issue). Married secondly 1978 to Peter Barton Edgar Falzon Bernard (1943-, married Diane Dacre Suzanne Falzon Bernard, married James Cunningham Nicholas Cunningham Spencer Cunningham Sergio Rudolph Manara (1927-, married Irene Dowling Ragnhild Manara Raymond Manara (1956-, married 1989 to Jodie Louise West Sander Manara (1958-, married 1984 to Deborah Prince Jonathan Manara (1985- Richard Manara (1991- Marco Manara (1964-, married 1990 to Emma Brightwell Miguel Manara (1991- Lara Manara (1992- Malcolm Manara (1998- Fiorella Manara (1962-, married 1989 to Joe Grima Sarah Maria Grima (1991- Rebecca Grima (1995-

3.5.4. Edward Tonna Biasini (1910-47), married 1942 to Josephine Despott David Tonna Biasini (1945- Diane Tonna Biasini (1943,. married 1964 to Edgar Gatt Edward Gatt (1965-, married 1989 to Barbara Anne Sammut Rachele Gatt (1991- Alexia Gatt (1997- Robert Gatt (1969-

4. Concetta Stagno Navarra, married Gio Battistina Biasini

5. Gerolama Stagno Navarra, (1840-82), married Dott.C de Gregorio, with issue.

* Giuseppe Stagno Navarra, (1842-1908), 5th Count of Bahria, 6th Conte di Casandola
Married to Concetta Bozzo, with issue

1. Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, Contino di Bahria (dsp. 1908)

2. Alfredo Stagno-Navarra (dsp. 1908)

3. Paolo Stagno-Navarra (dsp 1908)

* Raimondo Palermo-Navarra (1861-1913), 6th Count of Bahria, 7th Conte di Casandola,
Married to Teresa Palermo, with issue

1. Francesco Paolo Palermo-Navarra, 7th Count
-See Below.
2. Adele Palermo-Navarra (1900- ), married 1926 to Salvatore Consoli, with issue

2.1. Gio Francesco Consoli Palermo Navarra, 8th Count-See Below.
2.2. Vittorio Consoli Palermo Navarra, (1930-, married 1960 to Eleanora Olivieri, with issue.
2.2.1. Monica Consoli, (1961-.
2.3. Alberto Consoli Palermo Navarra, (1934-, married 1976 to Marina Bottani.

3. Carlotta Consoli, (1902-), married Umberto Ferrera, with issue.
3.1. Orazio Ferrara.
3.2. Augusto Ferrara.
4. Elisa Consoli, (1904-, married 1939 to Anthony Aquilina, with issue.
4.1. Joseph Raymond Aquilina, (1944-.
4.2. Myriam Aquilina, (1946-.

* Francesco Paolo Palermo-Navarra, (1895-1962), 7th Count of Bahria, 8th Conte di Casandola,
Married to Jeannette Scicluna, and dsp.

* Gio Francesco Consoli Palermo Navarra (1927-78), 8th Count of Bahria,
Married 1955 to Rosa Anna Scavone with issue

Salvatore Consoli Palermo Navarra, (1962-  ) Acknowledged by the COP as the 9th Count of Bahria.
2. Gabriella Consoli, (1956- , Married 1981 to Stefano Cappelli

A short version of the family tree of the Counts of Bahria

Raimondo Palermo Navarra, 6th Count of Bahria (1861-1913), married Teresa Palermo

1. Francesco Palermo Navarra, 7th Count of Bahria ( 1895-1962), married 1927 to Jeanne Scicluna, and dsp.
2. Adele dei Conti Palermo Navarra (1900- ) married 1926 to Salvatore Consoli
2.1. Gio Francesco Consoli Palermo Navarra, 8th Count of Bahria ( 1927-78), married 1955 to Rosa Anna Scavone.
2.1.1. Salvatore Consoli Palermo Navarra, 9th Count of Bahria (1962-
2.1.2. Gabriella Consoli (1956-, married Stefano Cappelli
2.2. Vittorio Consoli (1930-, married 1960 to Eleonora Olivieri
2.2.1. Monica Consoli (1961-
2.3. Alberto Consoli (1934-, married 1976 to Marina Bottani
3. Carlotta Palermo Navarra (1902- ), married 1935 to Umberto Ferrara
3.1. Orazio Ferrera
3.2. Augusto Ferreri
4. Elisa Palermo Navarra (1904- ), married 1939 to Anthony Aquilina
4.1. Joseph Raymond Aquilina (1944-
4.2. Myriam Aquilina (1946-

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