Title: Baron
Title in succession:
Date created: 
Grant by:  
Grandmaster Ramon Despuig
Granted To: Saverio Gatto
Rep: Kitson Attard Montalto
Remainder to:
his descendants in perpetuity each having the right to nominate a successor; 
in default of nomination to the first born male descendant 
and in the absence of a male the first born female descendant. 
Members of the clergy are precluded.
Present Holder: Dr. Maria Angela Kitson Attard-Montalto
Further notes: U.K


Created 18 August 1737 by Grandmaster Ramon Despuig. Present Baroness Maria Angela Kitson Attard Montalto, 8th Baronness of Benwarrad. Saverio Gatto, 1st Baron of Benwarrad.

The Fief of Benwarrad (originally Benuarrat) was granted to the Attardo , d`Alagona families before 1360, Pellegrino 1361; Vaccaro 1398; Nava 1472; Bordino 1510;  d`Armenia 1514; Surdo 1559, and the present holders in 1737, the Gatto family.

Fiefs were often bought, sold, or became extinct and re-granted by a Sovereign of Malta and Sicily.

Saverio Gatto was Created a Baron di Benwarrad on the 18th of August, 1737 by Grand Master Despuig ,with remainder of his descendants in perpetuity , each having the right to nominate a successor, in default of nomination to the first born male descendant, and in absence of male issue, then to the first born female descendant.

Members of the clergy are precluded from succession by primogeniture.

The Barony of Benwarrad has an interesting history, passing thru several families, from Gatto , Moscati, Montalto de Ribera to the present holders of Attard-Montalto.

There were many heiress, who succeeded to this title such Paola Gatto, the 2nd Baroness, who married to Emanuele Moscati-Cassia, Antonia Moscati-Gatto, the 3rd Baroness, who married twice, firstly to Count Sir Paolo Parisio G.C.M.G., and secondly to Sir Guiseppe Maria de Piro G.C.M.G. (see picture above), 5th Baron di Budaq, both marriages failed producing an heir.

The title moved to Antonia`s first cousin, Paolo Montalto de Ribera, who was also Baron di San Paolino. Baron Paolo was succeeded by his daughter, Maria Antonia.


Maria Antonia , the 5th Baroness marrying in 1831 to Dr Guiseppe Ivo Attard M.D.

The Attard-Montalto, held many important posts in Malta, and currently hold key positions still today.

The present Holder is Maria Angela Attard-Montalto, the 8th Baroness, who married in 1948 to Lt Frank Kitson R.N, and have three children.


Once again the title will pass into another family , this time an English family. 
Slowly the Maltese Noble surnames will phase out , with just timely reminders of the past.
A past we should all be proud of, but to date not appreciated, and maybe even some day , 
Maltese Nobility will be no more. Who knows?.


Family tree - Genealogist Count Charles Said Vassallo

Guglielmo de Ribera, 3rd Barone di San Paolino, married 1702 to Contessa Caterina Vernagallo, with issue;

Ferdinand de Ribera, 4th Barone di San Paolino, married 1729 to Eugenia dei Marchesi de Piro, with issue.
1.1. Guido de Ribera,
5th Barone di San Paolino, married 1762 to Caterina Dingli, and dsp.

1.2. Anna de Ribera, married 1750 to Francesco Maria Montalto, with issue.
1.2.1. Chev. Alberto Montalto de Ribera,
6th Barone di San Paolino, married 1774 to Maria Antonia Gatto, with issue Francesco Saverio Montalto de Ribera,  Baroncino di San Paolino, (1778-1837), married 1802 to Maria Teresa Biagio, with issue Vincenzo Montalto de Ribera, dunm. Paolo Montalto de Ribera, dunm. Calcedonio Montalto de Ribera, dunm. Maria Antonia Montalto de Ribera, married 1830 to
Sir Nicolo Sceberras Bologna, 5th Count of Catena, and dsp.
1.2.1. 2.    Paolo Montalto de Ribera,
4th Baron di Benwarrad, 7th Barone di San Paolino , Married 1806 to Graziulla Carbott (Grua) , with issue Vincenzo Montalto de Ribera,
Baroncino di San Paolino, dunm. Maria Antonia Montalto de Ribera, (died 1878),
5th Baroness of Benwarrad, 8th Baronessa di San Paolino, Married 1831 to Dr. Giuseppe Attard, M.D., with issue. Angiolino Attard Montalto, (1836-92), 6th Baron of Benwarrad, 8th Barone di San Paolino married 1869 to Angelica dei Conti Manduca, with issue Giuseppe Attard Montalto, (1870-1935), 7th Baron of Benwarrad, 9th Barone di San Paolino, married 1926 to Carolina dei Conti Manduca, with issue Maria Angela Attard Montalto, (1927-2001), 8th Baroness of Benwarrad, married 1948 to Lieut. Frank Gordon Kitson, RN., with issue Dr Michael Kitson Attard Montalto, M.B., B.S. (1949- , 9th Baron of Benwarrad, PRIMOGENIAL DESCENDANT OF SAVERIO GATTO , Married 1973 to Susan Partridge, with issue. Paul Kitson Attard Montalto,(1978-, married. David Kitson (1980- Anna Louise Kitson (1976- Sara Kitson (1982- Philip Kitson, B.Sc. (Hons), AMI.Mech. (1960-, Married 1985 To Diane Hipperson Susan Maria Kitson, (1950-, married 1977 to Martin Lee, with issue Anthony Lee, (1979- Louise Lee, (1982-
2. Paolino Attard Montalto (c 1875, married 1896 to Annette Manduca, with issue Dr Angiolino Attard Montalto M.D (c 1898-, married Jesy Attard Montalto, with issue. Mavina Attard Montalto, married Major Bernard Portelli
2.1.2. Josie Attard Montalto, 12th (recte: 11th) Baron di San Paolino-(died 2002), Married Myriam Despott, with issue Dr John Attard Montalto LL.D,  Member of the European Parliament, 13th (recte 12th) Baron di San Paolino, married (1),(div) Doreen Hoare, Married (2) 2004 to Rose Farrugia , with issue.

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