Cassar De Sain


Title: Marquis
Title in succession:
Date created: 
1717 (1749)
Granted by:  
Victor Amadeus, King of Sicily, and Duca di Savoy
Granted To: Mario Testaferrata de Robertis
Rep: Capitano della Verga
Present Holder: Mark Cassar de Sain
Remainder to: all his legitimate and natural descendants

The Title of Marquisate Cassar-Desain is one of the formations along with the Marquisate  di San Vincenzo Ferreri, Testaferrata, Testaferrata-Olivier, which were created in 1717 to Mario Testaferrata de Robertis at Chambray by Victor Amadeus, King of Sicily, and Duca di Savoy. The remainder was to all his legitimate and natural descendants. (see Testaferrata History)

The title of Cassar-Desain was never registered in Malta, However the Grand Master de pinto addressed the grantee`s younger son Gilberto Testaferrata-Castelletti as Marquis when appointing him a jurat in 1749.

Gilberto Testaferrata-Castelletti was the 1st Marquis , succeeded by his son Mario, who married a co-heiress of the Barony of Tabria in 1762 and produced several sons.

The elder son succeeded the Barony of Tabria (see Tabria)  and the younger son succeeded to the Marquisate Testaferrata-Castelletti.

Filippo Testaferrata had children prior to marrying his bride Vincenza Falanca in 1807, which legitimised his children.

Filippo`s son Lorenzo Antonio, later succeeded as the 4th Marquis, and married in 1822 to Maria Teresa Cassar-Desain which was the stem to changed the surname and title to Cassar-Desain

 Extracts from the stipulations govering the disposal of the primogenitura Cassar-Desain founded on 7th May 1781 by the Rev. Gio Battista Cassar-Desain and received in the acts of the Notary Vitttorio Giammalva

"I further direct and expressly command that the possessor of the said primogenitura erected , as herein-before stated, by me shall always bear the surname Cassar-Desain without adding any other family name thereto and that he shall at the same time, bear the Armorial Ensigns of the said family Cassar-Desain under the penalty of forfeiture should the said conditions be breached. In such a case my will is that the primogenitura shall forthwith go to and be vested in the person who would have succeeded to it after the death of the defaulter but not otherwise"

In 1848, the 5th Marquis legally changed his surname from Testaferrata to Cassar-Desain in order to inherit the wealthy primogenitura Cassar-Desain which carried a Name and Arms Clause.

Filippo Giacomo married the daughter of the 4th Marquis de Piro.


Since the 5th Marquis the Title went from father to son untill the 6th Marquis, died in 1870, succeeding by his brother Lorenzo Antonio Cassar-Desain as the 7th Marquis.

Again, when Lorenzo Antonio dying in 1886, succeeded by his eldest son Philip George as the 8th Marquis, and dying without an heir, and succession went to his brother Richard George.


Richard George, before inheriting the title, the 9th Marquis used the surname of de Branchefort-Testaferrata.

Since Richard`s death in 1927, the succession was from father to son, 

11th Marquis, Anthony Cassar De Sain passed away 16th August 2000, succeeded by his son,

12th Marquis, Mark, Cassar De Sain (b. 1965-) .....


See Genealogical tree.....

Gilberto Testaferrata Castelletti, (Younger son of the First Marquis di San Vincenzo Ferreri)

(1703-74), 1st Marquis 'Testaferrata Castelletti'(Recognised in 1749), Married 1734 to Teodora Vella Abela

1. Mario Testaferrata Castelletti, 2nd Marquis-See Below.

2. Giuseppe Testaferrata Castelletti

3. Giacomo Testaferrata Castelletti

Mario Testaferrata Castelletti, (1737-1813), 2nd Marquis Testaferrata Castelletti,

Married 1762 to Anna Viani dei Baroni della Tabria, with issue

1. Giuseppe Testaferrata (1767-1837), 4th Baron of Tabria-See Tabria.
2. Lorenzo Testaferrata (1770-..), married Angela Attard, with issue

2.1. Mario Filippo Testaferrata (1811-74), married to Vincenza Testaferrata dei Marchesi Cassar Desain-(See Below), with issue

2.1.1. Maria Carmela Testaferrata (1861-.), married Ignazio Testaferrata Bonici dei Marchesi di San Vincenzo Ferreri -See that Title for Descendants

2.1.2. Constantine Testaferrata

2.1.3. Guglielmo Testaferrata

2.1.4. Lorenzo Testaferrata ( 1852-..)

2.1.5. Luigi Testaferrata

2.2. Emmanuele Testaferrata (1811-..)

2.3. Father Giuseppe Testaferrata (1821-..)

2.4. Costantine Testaferrata (1824-..)

2.5. Guglielmo Testaferrata (1822-

2.6. Carmelo Angelo Testaferrata (1827-..)

2.7. Anna Maria Testaferrata, (1813-..)

2.8. Maria Teresa Testaferrata (1824-

2.9. Elizabetta Testaferrata, (1831-

3. Maria Teresa Testaferrata, married Odoardo dei Marchesi Mallia Tabone. -See Fiddien.

4. Marianna Testaferrata, married 1796 to Marquis Giuseppe Testaferrata Olivier.-See Testaferrata Olivier., Maria Teresa also had a daughter by Alexandre Moscati.

5. Filippo Testaferrata, 3rd Marquis-See Below.

6. Teodora Testaferrata, (dunm 1824)-Had a child by Alexandre Moscati (1774-1826)

6.1. Anna Moscati, (Noted in Will as daughter of Maria Antonio 'Teodora' Testaferrata), Married 1810 to Michele Gauci, with issue. Also had a child with H.S.H, Prince Louis-Charles de Orleans, Comte de Beaujolais, (Died 1808-Buried at St John's Co-Cathedral, Valletta)

6.1.1. Teresa Gauci, (1808-..)Married 1838 to Andrea dei Baroni Abela. -See Barony of San Giovanni.

Filippo Testaferrata, (1774-1821), 3rd Marquis 'Testaferrata',

Married 1807 to Vincenza Falanca, with issue

1. Lorenzo Antonio Testaferrata, 4th Marquis-See Below.

Lorenzo Antonio Testaferrata, (died 1851), 4th Marquis 'Testaferrata',

Married 1822 to Maria Teresa Cassar Desain, with issue

1. Filippo Giacomo Cassar Desain, 5th Marquis-See Below.

2. Vincenza Testaferrata (1823-..), married Lorenzo Testaferrata -See Above., with issue.

3. Giovanna Testaferrata (1825-..), married Emmanuele Lauron, with issue.

3.1. Alfredo Lauron

3.2. Laura Lauron

3.3. Luisa Lauron, married Notary Emmanuele Gera P.L, with issue

3.3.1. Francesco Saverio Gera, married Lorenza Gaffiero (dau of Capt A. Gaffiero), with issue Cmdr Lewis Gera Lauron Testaferrata, married Alica Tabone Ferrante, with issue Joseph P.P. Gera, married Monica Bonello Edwin Ant. Gera, married Lucienne Cassar Trigona Victor Emmanuele Gera, married Mary Borg Cardona, with issue Stephen Gera, married Mary Anne Grech Catherine Gera, married Adrian Vella de Lucca, with issue Sharon Vella de Lucca Michael Gera, married Diane Dougherty Kimberly Gera Anne Gera, married Carl Balzon, A.A&C.D. Keith Balzon Celine Balzon John Gera, married Rosanna Abela Emma Gera Norman Gera, married Doreen Camilleri Dean Gera Gregory Gera Nicole Gera

3.3.2. Giovanna Gera

3.4. Annette Lauron

3.5. Elena Lauron

3.6. Angelica Lauron

4. Laura Testaferrata (1830-..)

5. Louisa Testaferrata (1833-..)

6. Filomena Testaferrata (1837-..)

7. Elizabeth Testaferrata (1841-..)

8. Adelaide Testaferrata, married 1856 to Francesco Saverio de Piro, 5th Marquis de Piro. -See De Piro..

Filippo Giacomo Cassar Desain, ( 1826-66), 5th Marquis 'Cassar Desain),

Married 1848 to Veneranda de Piro-Gourgion dei Marchesi de Piro.

1. Richard Cassar Desain, 6th Marquis-See Below.

2. Lorenzo Antonio Cassar Desain, 7th Marquis-See Below.

3. Giuseppe Cassar Desain, (died infancy,1853).

Richard Cassar Desain, (1849-70), 6th Marquis Cassar Desain, dunm.

Lorenzo Antonio Cassar Desain, (1851-86), 7th Marquis Cassar Desain,

Married Firstly in 1872 to Camilla Slythe (died 1880), Daughter of Chev. Richard Slythe, KStM, with issue

Married Secondly in 1884 to Eleanor Parkinson (died 1914)

1. (First Marriage) Philip George Cassar Desain, 8th Marquis-See Below.

2. (First Marriage) Richard George Eugene Cassar Desain, 9th Marquis-See Below.

3. (First Marriage) Mary Beatrice Cassar Desain (1894-..), married Alessandro dei Baroni Attard Montalto, and dsp. -See Benwarred.

Philip George Cassar Desain, (1878-1906), 8th Marquis Cassar Desain, and dunm

Richard George Eugene Cassar Desain, (1880-1927), 9th Marquis Cassar Desain,

Married 1905 to Mary Alexandra Turnbull, with issue

1. James George Cassar Desain, 10th Marquis-See Below.

2. Philip Gerald Cassar Desain (1908-27), dunm.

3. George Lawrence Cassar Desain (1915-82), dunm.

4. Adeline Cassar Desain (1911-, married Edwin England-Sant Fournier, with issue

4.1. Richard England Sant Fournier, married Miriam Borg Manduca, -See Mont'Alto., with issue

4.1.1. Mark England

4.1.2. Sandrine England, married NN Darmanin

5. Elena Cassar Desain (1913-39), dunm.

6. Mary Cassar Desain (1916-, married Major. Albert Falzon Sant Manduca, with issue
6.1. Lilianina Falzon Sant Manduca, (1940-2000), ,
Acknowledged by the COP as the 9th Baroness of Tabria.Married 1963 to John Bugeja, with issue. Philip Bugeja Viani, ,
De Jure 10th Baron of Tabria..(1964-, married Margaret Gatt Julian Bugeja Viani, (1967-, married Lara Strickland Bologna dei Conti della Catena Nina Bugeja Viani, (2001- Lucia Bugeja Viani, (2003- Mary Ann Bugeja Viani, (1974-
6.1.2. Alfred Falzon Sant Manduca, (1943-

6.1.3. Alberta Falzon Sant Manduca, (1945- , married 1970 to Joseph Camilleri, with issue. Christian Camilleri, (1971- Rachel Camilleri, (1973- Lisa Camilleri, (1983-

7. Vanda Cassar Desain (1918-, married J. Bradshaw, with issue

* James George Cassar Desain, (1907-58), 10th Marquis Cassar Desain,

Married 1928 to Evelyn Cassar Torreggiani, with issue.

1. Anthony Cassar De Sain, 11th Marquis-See Below.

2. Lawrence Cassar Desain Viani, (c 1940-, married Firstly (Div) to Diana Walsh, with issue, Married Secondly to Mieka...

2.1.(First Marriage) Michelle Cassar Desain Viani, married.

3. Michael Cassar Desain, (1950-, married Firstly Sharon Berkely, with issue. Married Secondly to Patricia Galea

3.1. Mercedes Cassar Desain, (

4. Rosemarie Cassar Desain, (1934-, married 1960, Div. to Lawrence Sevitt

5. Ann Cassar Desain, (c 1937-, married 1966 to Mario Said, with issue

5.1. Stephen Said, (1968-

5.2. Andrew Said, (1971-, married Francesca Bianchi, with issue.

5.2.1. NN 'Male' Said

5.3. Francesca Said, (1969-, married Michael Salomone, with issue.

5.3.1. Nickolas Salomone

5.3.2. Mickaila Salomone

5.3.3. Matthew Salomone

6. Veronica Cassar Desain, (1941-, married 1960 to Baron Bernard von Brockdorff, -See Foreign Titles Section.

7. Christine Cassar Desain, (1942-, married 1963 to Lino Delia, with issue

7.1. James Delia, (1963-

7.2. Alison Delia, (1966-, married David Parotti, with issue

7.2.1. Kristina Parotti

7.2.2. Andrew Parotti

7.3. Roberta Delia, (1969-, married Juan Borg Manduca, with issue (See Manduca)

8. Natalie Cassar Desain, (1946-, married 1968 to Paul Shaw-Savill, with issue

8.1. Johathan Shaw-Savill, (1970-, married Julie Rutter, with issue

8.1.1. Chloe Shaw-Savill

8.2. Daniel Shaw-Savill, (1973-

* Anthony Cassar De Sain, (1938-2000), 11th Marquis Cassar Desain,

Married 1964 to Vivian Randall, with issue
1. Mark Cassar De Sain, (1965-, , Acknowledged by the COP as the 12th Marquis Cassar De Sain, Married 1997 to Nadine Fleri-Soler, with issue

1. Max Cassar De Sain, (2002-
2. Jason Cassar De Sain (1970-, married 1999 to Angela Borg

3. Rachel Cassar De Sain (1967-



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