Castel Cicciano

Title: Baron
Title in succession:
Date created: 
23rd May 1560
Grant by:  
Philip I of King of Sicily
Granted To: Dr. Francesco Mego
Rep: Mego (Trigona)
Remainder to:
his descendants in perpetuity  
Present Holder: (dormant)
Carole Ann Sciberras Trigona, 1984
Note: This title was granted first by Grand Master Perellos on 21st August 1702. The Baroness of Castel Cicciano inherited the Baronies of Djar il-bniet and Buqana in 1880.
These three titles have descended concurrently ever since. 
In 1981 Frances Mary Carmen Chesney Sciberras D'Amico Inguanez died unmarried and the Title became dormant.
Abeyance: Passed into abeyance 1981 and brought out in 16 August 1984 by the Com. of Privileges
Foreign Titles not recognised by the Royal 1878 Commission: Baron di Montagna di Marzo (Sciberras Trigona)
Further notes: Spain



The Fief of Castel Cicciano is situated in Naples was granted with the right of Civil and Jurisdiction over its inhabitants (Imperio mero e misto). The title was first granted formal recognition in Malta by Grand Master Perello on 21st August 1702 and on several occasions since that date.

Created 23 May 1560, Dr.Francesco Mego LL.D, 1st Baron of Castel Cicciano, by Philip I of king of Sicily and Naples (Philip II of Spain).

In the Acts of Notary Giuseppe Mamo (21st August 1580) reference is made to the Acts of Notary Vincenzo Bonaventura de Bonetis wherein is recorded that the fief of Castel Cicciano situated in the Provence of Naples on the 23rd of May 1560 purchased by Francesco Mego from Cristoforo Grimaldi. The Royal Assent to this transaction was granted on the 12th August of the same year by Perefan de Riberia, Duke of Adcata, Viceroy in the name of his Majesty , King Philip 1 of Sicily and Naples II, of Spain.

(Count.C.A. Gauci-The Genealogy and Heraldry of the Noble Families of Malta, 1981)  

Castel Cicciano

Francesco Mego, 1st Baron di Castel Cicciano, was a Uditore of the Grand Master La Valette, and died  1572.

His Son Gio Antonio Mego, became the 2nd Baron, but died without issue in 1580.

His sister`s son became the 3rd Baron-Francesco Scerri, a Judge and Assesore of the Corte Capitano .

He married twice, firstly to Imperia Surdo, and secondly to Garita Xuereb. Fathered Children by both of them,  died 1581.



His son by his first marriage, Gregorio became the 4th Baron, also was a Jurat of Notabile, Tesoriere, secreto and Capitano della Verga (1584-1623). Gregorio  died in 1623, succeeded by his  eldest Daughter, Margarita Scerri`s Husband in her Right.


Dr Ascanio Surdo LL.D, Became the 5th Baron via his wife, was also created a Hereditary Patrician and Senator of Rome in 1590. He was Nominated with Royal Assent by his Kinsman and father-in-Law.

He died in 1663.


Their eldest daughter, Madalena Surdo succeeded to the Title as Baroness and married in 1613 to Giacinto Cassia, the 1st Baron of Ghariexem e Tabia, where the House of Cassia had the combined titles till 1686. (see house of Cassia)

Beatrice Cassia, succeeded to the Barony in 1686 as the 9th Baroness, and married Paolo Testaferrata in 1674.

They were jointly created the Baron and Baroness di Gomerino in 1710 (see Gomerino)

The Testaferrata`s held this title till the 11th Holder, who married a Sceberras, where this family still hold to this very day.

Sir Pasquale Sceberras-Testaferrata, succeeded as the 14th Baron, marrying an Heiress to the Barony di Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana (see Djar-il-Bniet for further history) which carried both titles jointly together untill the death of Frances Chesney in 1981.

The title of Castel Cicciano lay in abeyance till  a descendant of Sir Pasquale Sceberras-Testaferrata, 14th Baron di Castel Cicciano, Baron di Montagna di Marza succeeded to it in the same year.

Carole Ann Sceberras-Trigona is the Present holder and 19th Baroness. Her Heir is her uncle Ronald Frederick Sceberras-Trigona, who is the  present Baron di Montaga di Marza. Carole`s father and brother died before 1981 and was Carole next of kin.

Its interesting to note, that the Title of Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, went to  the 15th Baron`s sister descendants, to the Apap-Bologna family. One may argue, the titles were permanetly split forever (Castel Cicciano and Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana)

Ronald will be the last from the House of Sceberras to succeed to the Barony of Castel Cicciano as his further heir will from his eldest Daughter . Benjamin Harany-Trigona, who will one day succeed as the Baron di Castel Cicciano, and yet again another Title leaves the Maltese surname.

The Barony of Castel Cicciano is an Ancient title in Malta, with strong roots  to Naples, which shows the history of what changes Malta underwent during its long and interesting connections.

* Francesco Mego, (Died 1572) 1st Baron di Castel Cicciano, with issue

1. Gio Antonio Mego, 2nd Baron-See Below.

2. Paola Mego, "Nun", dunm.
* Gio Antonio Mego,(died 1580) 2nd Baron of Castel Cicciano, married and dsp.

1. Michele Xerri, married Agata Pisani, daughter of Tomaso Pisani, with issue.
1.1. Giacomo Xerri, married Ventura Tonna, with issue.
1.1.1. Elizabetta Xerri, married 1525 to Leonardo Xuereb.
1.1.2. Scolastica Xerri, married 1549 to Giuliano Moscati.
1.1.3. Tomaso Xerri, dunm.
1.1.4. Giovanna Xerri, married (1) Matteo Camenzuli., Married (2) Salvo Montagnes.
1.1.5. Caterina Xerri, married (1) Luca Zammit, married (2) Not. Girolamo Cumbo.
1.2. Judge Gregorio Scerri, married (1) Marguerite Xuereb, married (2) 1535 to Paola Tabone, with issue.
1.2.1. (First Marriage) Antonio Scerri, 'Tried for Heresy in 1563'., married (1) Isabella de Bordino, married Giovanna Bartolo, with issue Margarita Scerri, married Garzia Mompalao. Paola Scerri, 'nun'., dunm. Don. Salvatore Scerri, 'Canon', dunm. Girolamo Scerri, married Agata Vassallo, with issue. Dr. Gio Antonio Scerri JUD, married (1) 1599 to Agata Abela, married (2) 1603 to Lorenza Xara, with issue. (First Marriage) Agata Scerri, married (1) 1618 to Alfonso Xara, Married (2) 1625 to Dr. Gio Vincenzo Galea JUD. (Second Marriage) Antonia Scerri, married Dr. Gio Francesco Perdicomati JUD. Don. Alessandro Scerri, 'Canon', dunm. Dr. Orlando Scerri JUD, married Gerolama..., with issue. Gio Domenico Scerri, married Virginia Xara. Marietta Scerri., dunm. Genevra Scerri, married Gio Filippo Cagnara. Caterina Scerri, married 1602 to Fabio della Graziolo of Naples.
1.2.2. Vincenza Scerri, married (1) Giovanni Xara, Married (2) Gio Franco Castelletti.
1.2.3. Dr. Niccolo Antonio Scerri JUD, married 1554 to Antonella Cassar, with issue. Angela Scerri, dunm. Marietta Scerri, married 1575 to Dr Bernardo de Laudhrit JUD.
1.2.4. (Second Marriage) Gio Francesco Scerri, 3rd Baron-See Below.
1.2.5. Imperia Scerri, married (1) Lorenzo Cassar, Married (2) Antonio Bonello.
1.2.6. Gio Matteo Scerri, 'Senza Prole', dunm.
* Francesco Scerri, (died 1581), 3rd Baron of Castel Cicciano "by donation-(see above)".
Married to Imperia Surdo, with issue

1. Gregorio Scerri, 4th Baron-See Below.

2. Giovanni Scerri, married 1580 to Donna Margherita Ruffo dei Conti di Sinapoli, with issue
2.1. Agata Scerri, married 1624 to Gio Maria Mifsud, with issue
2.1.1. Domenico Mifsud, married 1660 to Grazia Cortis, with issue Giovanni Mifsud, married 1703 to Isabella Fenech, with issue Lorenzo Mifsud, married 1744 to Rosa D'Anastro, with issue Agatha Mifsud, married 1772 to Giuseppe Farrugia, with issue Lorenzo Farrugia, married 1807 to Giovanna Debattista dei Baroni Inguanez, with issue Gaetano Farrugia dei Baroni Inguanez, married 1839 to Helena Camilleri, with issue Paulo Farrugia dei Baroni Inguanez, married 1878 to Maria Teresa dei Baroni Galea. (See San Marciano) Giuseppe Farrugia. Giuseppe Farrugia. Salvatore Mifsud. Domenico Mifsud. Gio Maria Mifsud.
2.1.2. Giovanni Mifsud.
2.2. Marcellino Scerri.
2.3. Paolo Giovanni Scerri.
3. Antonella Scerri, married 1574 to Paolo Cumbo.
4. Caterina Scerri, married 1567 to Gio Paolo Manduca.
5. Don. Lucio Scerri, 'Chierico', dunm.

* Gregorio Scerri, (died 1623), 4th Baron of Castel Cicciano,

Married 1579 to Imperia Cassia, with issue.
1. Gio Francesco Scerri, (1580-98), 'Baroncino di Castel Cicciano'. dunm.
1. Margarita Scerri, Suo-Jure' heiress to the Barony-See Below.

2. (Natural) Vito de Xerri, married 1586 to Giovanna Galea, (Daughter of Manfredo and Giacoba Bartolo)

* Margarita Scerri, Suo-Jure' heiress to the Barony of Castel Cicciano,

Married Dr Ascanio Surdo LL.D, 5th Baron of Castel Cicciano (died 1663), (Note: Had also a mistress with issue) with issue.
1. Maddalena Surdo, 6th Baroness- See Below.

2. Maria Surdo, married 1621 to Dr Gio Leonardo Xara, JUD, with issue.

2.1. Vincenza Xara, married Dr. Filippo Cassar JUD, with issue.

2.1.1. Maria Cassar, married 1659 to Domenico Bonici, with issue Angelo Bonici, married 1709 to Maria Camilleri Teresa Bonici, married 1737 to Michele Grima Gio Maria Grima, married 1773 to Maria dei Conti Fenech Bonici, with issue.-See Extinct Titles.

2.1.2. Caterina Cassar, married 1661 to Dr. Gio Batta Bonici, JUD, with issue.

3. Giulia Surdo, married 1633 to Nicola Pietro Cumbo, with issue.

3.1. Lucrezia Cumbo, married 1664 to Giuseppe de Noto, with issue

3.1.1. Anna de Noto-Cumbo, married 1677 to Mario Testaferrata de Robertis, 1st Marquis di San Vincenzo Ferreri e Testaferrata, with issue.

3.2. Florinda Cumbo, married Dr. Ludovico Ferriol, JUD, with issue.

3.2.1. Maria Candida Ferriol, married Fabrizio Testaferrata, 10th Baron of Castel Cicciano, 2nd Baron of Gomerino, and dsp.

3.2.2. Anna Ferriol, married Antonio Testaferrata

4. Paola Surdo, married to Dr Gregorio Mamo, JUD., with issue.

4.1. Gio Maria Mamo, married 1684 to Anna Francesca Abela

4.1.1. Ercole Mamo, married 1742 to Modesta Mompalao, with issue. Vincenzo Mamo Mompalao, married 1780 to Caterina Zammit, with issue Elisabetta Mamo Mompalao, married 1770 to Geatano Pisani, 1st Baron di Frigenuini, -See Extinct Titles. Eugenia Mamo Mompalao, married 1780 to Ugolino Bonici Testaferrata, with issue.

5. (illegitimate) Teodoro d'Adriano, married 1620 Dominichella Fiteni (see Extinct titles-Fiteni) with issue.`

* Maddalena Surdo, 6th Baroness of Castel Cicciano,

Married 1613 to Giacinto Cassia, 1st Baron of Ghariexem e Tabia (See That Title), with issue.

1. Gio Antonio Cassia, 7th Baron-See Below.

2. Pietro Cassia, 8th Baron-See Below.

* Gio Antonio Cassia,(died 1658), 7th Baron of Castel Cicciano, 2nd Baron of Ghariexem e Tabia,

Married to Perna d'Anastasio, and dsp.

* Pietro Cassia,(died 1686) 8th Baron of Castel Cicciano, 3rd Baron of Ghariexem e Tabia,

Married 1638 to Eugenia d'Anastasio, with issue

1. Domenica Cassia, 4th Baroness of Ghariexem e Tabia.-See That Title.

2. Beatrice Cassia, 9th Baroness-See Below.

3. Celidonia Cassia, married (1) Pietro Paolo Falsone. Married (2) Tomaso Portelli

4. Policarpa Cassia, married Diego Moscati

5. Maddalena Cassia, Married 1653 to Dr. Bernardo Piscopo Macedonia, LL.D, 1st Count of Mont'Alto, dsp.

6. Margherita Cassia, dunm.

7. Amedia Cassia, dunm.

* Beatrice Cassia, (1656-1737), 9th Baroness of Castel Cicciano, Jointly Created Baroness of Gomerino in 1710.

Married 1674 to Paolo Testaferrata, 1st Baron of Gomerino (Cr:1710)-See That Title.

1. Fabrizio Testaferrata, 10th Baron-See Below.

2. Ercole Testaferrata, 2nd Baron of Gomerino-See That Title.

3. Diane Testaferrata.

4. Don Pietro Testaferrata, dunm.

5. Laura Testaferrata

6. Francesco Testaferrata

7. Giovanna Testaferrata

8. Eugenia Testaferrata

* Fabrizio Testaferrata, (1675-1744), 10th Baron of Castel Cicciano,

Married 1704 to Antonia Cassar-Falsone (died 1711), with issue

1. Pietr'Antonio Testaferrata, Baroncino di Castel Cicciano, (Died 1730), married Pulcra Testaferrata, with issue.

1.1. Elisabeth Testaferrata, Baronessina di Castel Cicciano,(1727-36) and died unmarried.

2. Clara Testaferrata, 11th Baroness-See Below.

3. Saveria Testaferrata, married 1733 to Claudio Moscati Sceberras, 1st Marquis of Xrobb-il-Ghajin, with issue. (see Extinct Titles)

4. Diane Testaferrata, married Marc'Antonio Inguanez, 14th Baron of Djar-il-Bniet and Buqana, and dsp.

* Clara Testaferrata, 11th Baroness of Castel Cicciano,

Married 1729 to Michele Sceberras, Capitano della Verga of Malta, with issue.

1. Pasquale Sceberras Testaferrata, 12th Baron-See Below.

2. Agostina Sceberras Testaferrata.

3. Pier Antonio Sceberras (1730-), dunm.

4. Geltrude Sceberras, married Gio Francesco Dorell Falzon, Baron of Marsa. (See Extinct titles)

5. Cecilia Sceberras. (1731-), dunm.

6. Francesca Sceberras. (1733-), dunm.

* Pasquale Sceberras Testaferrata, (1735-1812), 12th Baron of Castel Cicciano,

Married 1755 to Lucrezia Dorell, with issue
1. Antonio Sceberras Testaferrata, 13th Baron-See Below.

2. Fabrizio Sceberras Testaferrata, (1757-1843), Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church., dunm.
3. Ursula Sceberras Testaferrata, (1758-91), married Marquis Giuseppe Enrico Testaferrata Olivier. (See Testaferrata-Olivier).
4. Michele Sceberras Testaferrata, (1762-1832).
5. Paolo Sceberras Testaferrata, (1766-1832), married Maria Angelica Perdicomati Bologna, Countes of Catena. (See Catena).
6. Maria Sceberras Testaferrata., (1768-1774), dunm, inf.
7. Theresa Sceberras Testaferrata., (1769-73), dunm, inf.
8. Geltrude Sceberras Testaferrata., (1770-)
9. Camillo Sceberras Testaferrata, (1772-1855), married 1807 to Maddalena Ravanelli, with issue.
9.1. Rinaldo Sceberras (1808-45), married 1842 to Ann Platt, and dsp.
9.2. Clorinda Sceberras, (1810-), married 1844 to Corrado Sceberras Trigona, (See Below).
9.3. Tancredi Sceberras, (1811-90). had a son by his mistress (Mrs Schembri).
9.3.1. Alfredo Schembri.
9.4. Elisabetta Sceberras. (died in Naples)
9.5. Goffredo Sceberras, (d. 1900), married 1842 to Anna Vella (daughter of G.B Vella and Vincenza Flamingo), with issue.
9.5.1. Antonia Sceberras, married John Collins, and dsp.
9.5.2. Beatrice Sceberras, married Dr. Emmanule Caruana Gatto, (See Beberrua).
9.5.3. Sir. Filippo Sceberras, Kt.Bach, married to Teresa dei Baroni Testaferrata Abela, (See Gomerino), with issue. Ida Sceberras, married Surg. Capt Robert Randon. Bianca Sceberras, married (c1904) to Capt. William Ganado. (See Maltese families for descendants)
9.6. Federico Sceberras.
9.7. Emilio Sceberras, (1818-91). (died in Naples)
9.8. Augusta Sceberras, (1819-). (died in Naples)
9.9. Paolina Sceberras, (1821-). (died in Naples)
9.10. Virginia Sceberras, (1823-), married 1856 to Henry Carol Harvey, with issue.
9.10.1. Ada Harvey.
9.10.2. Blanche Harvey.
9.10.3. Lego Harvey.
9.10.4. Evelina Harvey.
9.11. Ruggero Sceberras, (1824-).
9.12. Attilio Sceberras, (1826-84), married Matilde Balbi, with issue.
9.12.1. Tancredi Sceberras (1878-)
9.12.2. Madeline Sceberras (died 1955).
10. Giuseppe Sceberras Testaferrata., (1775-)
11. Vincenzo Sceberras Testaferrata., (1776-)

* Antonio Sceberras Testaferrata, (1756-1843), 13th Baron of Castel Cicciano, Barone di Montagna di Marzo (Of Sicily-See Foreign Titles Section),

Married 1792 to Gerolama Trigona dei Baroni di Montagno di Marzo, with issue

1. Sir Pasquale Sceberras Testaferrata, 14th Baron-See Below.

2. Baron Corrado Sceberras Trigona, married 1822 to Maria Teresa dei Baroni Trigona. Married 1844 to Clorinda Sceberras, with further issue.
2.1. (First Marriage) Gaetana Sceberras Trigona, (1829-89), married 1844 to her Uncle, Sir Pasquale Sceberras Trigona. (See Below).
2.2. Gerolama Sceberras Trigona, married Vincenzo Mamo, with issue.
2.3. Antonio Sceberras Trigona.

* Sir Pasquale Sceberras Testaferrata, KCMG, (1793-1869), 14th Baron of Castel Cicciano, Barone di Montagna di Marzo,

Married firstly in 1811 to Rosalea D'Amico Inguanez, dei Baroni di Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana,(died 1841) with issue

Married Secondly in 1844 to Gaetana Sceberras Testaferrata,-

Mistress to Marie dei Principe Said Testaferrata, with a son.

1.(First Marriage) Alexander Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, 15th Baron-See Below.

2.(First Marriage) Gerolama Sceberras D'Amico Ingaunez, married 1844 to Dr Carmelo dei Marchesi de Piro, -See Marquis's de Piro. , with issue.

3.(Second Marriage) Salvatore Sceberras Trigona, married 1884 to Giulia Mattei, with issue

3.1. Pasquale Waldemar Sceberras Trigona, dunm.

3.2. Alfred Sceberras Trigona, married 1946 to Mary Johnston, and dsp.

3.3. Eleanore Sceberras Trigona, dunm.

4. (Second Marriage) Antonio Sceberras Trigona, married 1881 to Maria Assunta Bellia, with issue.

4.1. Pasquale Sceberras Trigona, (1882-1960), married Maria Bove, with issue

4.1.1. Edwin William Sceberras Trigona, (1908-73), Barone di Montagno di Marzo, married 1938 to Alma Turner, with issue. Barrie Sceberras Trigona, (1939-62), dunm. Carole Ann Sceberras Trigona, (1942-, Acknowledged by the COP as the 19th Baroness of Castel Cicciano.

4.1.2. Ronald Frederick Trigona, Baron di Montagna di Marzo, - , married 1950 to Madeleine Sophie de Bono, with issue. Anne Marie Trigona, (1951-, married 1978 to William Harany, with issue. Benjamin Trigona Harany,(1978- Luke Harany Trigona,(1986- Simon Harany Trigona, (1989- Julian Harany Trigona, (1992- Jennifer Trigona, (1953-, married 1986 to Charles William Masefield Celia Trigona, (1957-, married 1982 to Martin Debattista

4.1.3. Evelyn Sceberras Trigona, (1907-78), married Lt.Col. Joseph V. Abela, OBE, with issue Albert Abela, (1932-, married 1956 to Mariella Refalo, with issue Jocelyne Abela, married 1984 to Charles Hennen of the Netherlands, with issue. Nadine Hennen, (1989- Fiona Hennen, (1993- Caroline Abela, married 1984 to Andrew Magri Overend, with issue. Michael Magri Overend, (1985- Amanda Magri Overend, (1990- Lisa Magri Overend, (1998- Margaret Abela, (1937-, married 1959 to Albert Borg.

4.2. Berto Sceberras Trigona, married Elisabetta Gonzi, with issue

4.2.1. Oscar Sceberras Trigona

4.3. Ugo Sceberras Trigona, married Giovanna Grech Dimech, with issue

4.3.1. Dr Alexander Sceberras Trigona, LL.D., (1919-, married 1949 to Constance Enriquez, with issue and died in 2000.. Dr Alexander Sceberras Trigona, LL.D., (1950 -, married 1985 to Joanna Borg, with issue Anna Sceberras Trigona, (? -, single Alexia Sceberras Trigona, (1986- Angela Sceberras Trigona, (1989-
4.3.2. Nellie Sceberras Trigona, (1924-2003), married Edgar Azzopardi, with issue Michael Azzopardi, married to Jennifer.., with issue Marguerite Azzopardi, married Mark Clokey, with issue

4.4. Violetta Sceberras Trigona, married Arturo Parlato, with issue
4.4.1. Charles Parlato-Trigona Joe Parlato Trigona, with issue. Greta Parlato Trigona, married 2003 to Peter Ripard. Tony Parlato Trigona Tania Mizzi
4.4.2. Victor Parlato-Trigona
4.4.3. Lily Parlato Trigona, married Giovanni Soler, with issue Ronnie Soler Walter Soler Arthur Soler Mary Anne Sciaccha
4.4.4. Bice Parlato Trigona, married Architect Bertu Vassallo Leonard Vassallo Bernard Vassallo Raymond Vassallo Dorothy Rizzo

5. (illegitmate) Carmelo Trigona, (1838-88), Priest, dunm.

* Alexander Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1821-80), 15th Baron of Castel Cicciano, Barone di Montagna di Marzo,

Married 1864 to Frances Ann Whittuck, with issue
1. Maria Francesca Carmen Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, 16th Baroness-See Below.

2. Rosalea Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1867-1946), married 1895 to Col. Aleaxander Chesney, with issue.

2.1. Alexander Chesney Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, 17th Baron-See Below.

2.2. Frances Mary Carmen Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, 18th Baroness-See Below.

2.3. Mario John Chesney, (1901-38), dunm.

2.4. Norah Elma Chesney, (1904-77), dunm.

* Maria Francesca Carmen Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1865-1947), 16th Baroness of Castel Cicciano,

20th Baroness of Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, and married 1890 to Col. Alexander Chalmers McKean, CMG, and dsp.

* Alexander Chesney Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1896-1960), 17th Baron of Castel Cicciano,
21st Baron of Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, dunm

* Frances Mary Carmen Chesney D'Amico Inguanez,(1898-1981) 18th Baroness of Castel Cicciano,

22nd Baroness of Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, dunm.