Ciantar Paleologo


Title: Count
Title in succession:
Date created: 
Grant by:  
Pope Clement XI
Granted To: Ignazio Francesco Wizzini-Paleologo
Rep: Chapelle Paleologo
Remainder to:
his descendants both male and female in perpetuity
Present Holder:
John Constantine Chapelle-Paleologo
Note: The royal commission was not presented with documents, but since on different occasions the Grand Masters
referred to the family as Counts, therefore as order of precedence, the Title would date from 1722.
Foreign Titles not recognised by the Royal 1878 Commission: Prince of Selimbra (Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo)

Ignazio Francesco Wizzini Paleologo (1674-1744), 
1st. Count Ciantar Paleologo
Ignazio Francesco was succeeded by his daughter as the 
2nd Countess Paeologo in 1744, and was married to Count Gio Antonio Ciantar

Conte Ignazio Francesco Wizzini Paleologo , Roman Patrician , husband of Maria Generosa (Rosa) , a niece of Judge Salvatore Mangion Abela J.U.D. and beneficiary of his will.


In 1728, Ignatio Wizzini was the first Count ever to be appointed Jurat. He was also the senior Jurat of Valletta in 1742, but was replaced on the 19 December of that same year by Baron and Marquis Gio Pio de Piro.

The title of Count Ciantar-Paleologo are two separate titles intially created.

The title of Paleologo was Created to Ignazio Francesco Wizzini-Paleologo as Count of St.John Lateran in 1711 by Pope Clement XI, and with reminder to his descendants, both male and female in perpetuity.

Count Ignaio Wizzini Paleologo and Venerosa Vella Mangion married and acquired the Vella entail, even more importantly , the Baronial title of San Giovanni, which had fallen into abeyance.

Ignazio Francesco was succeeded by his daughter as the 2nd Countess Paeologo in 1744, and was married to Count Gio Antonio Ciantar, (both photos).

Count Gio Antonio Ciantar was styled Count by Queen Maria of Portugal in 1739 and by King Louis XV of France in 1745,1747 and 1761.

Their son Giorgio Serafino Ciantar-Paleologo, succeeded as the 3rd Count Ciantar-Paleologo , and was created the title of Baron di San Giovanni by King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies on 1777.

The Ciantar-Paleologos family continued in succession until Guiseppe, the 6th Count dying in the late 19th Century, his successor was his sister`s son Dr Giovanni Chapelle-Paleologo LL.D, as the 7th Count.

This family continues with succession of the title of Count of Ciantar-Paleologo, with the present Count, John Chapelle-Paleologo as the 10th Count, and also Prince of Mistra ( A Byzantine title).

John Constantine Chapelle-Paleologo, Count Ciantar-Paleologo lives in Malta, and has several children:

Maria Lucinda, Simonide, Sophie Mignon.

Rear : left to right -Enrico Parlato , his daughter Evelyn with husband Reginald Cassar Torreggiani , step daughter Giovanna Said Parlato with husband Capt, Joseph Leonardini , daughter Alice (my mother) carrying baby Monica (later wife of Maj. John Gilbert) with husband Cecil Camilleri, and daughter Marie Louise (later wife of George Bonello OBE)

Centre : left to right - Dr. Ricardo Milanesi MD , his sister Maria Parlato, his mother Annetta nee' Amato , his father Giuseppe Milanesi , his brother Revd. Salvatore Milanesi (Turi), and his younest sister Giulia (unmarried)

front -left to right : Concetta Parlato(later wife of Comd. P. Aubrey RN) my sister Marie Therese (later wife of Maj. A. Debono ) brother Tony, self (Raphael) brother John, and aunt Lucia Parlato.
Note:Milanesi sons Gioacchino and Luigi (grandmother's brothers) had already passed away.


Countess Maria Generosa Wizzini Paleologo nee' Vella Mangion Abela di San Giovanni , niee and beneficiary of her uncle Salvatore's will and testament in 1692 , two years before her marriage to her 2 nd cousin Conte Ignazio Francesco Wizzini Paleologo, Roman Patrician, courtesy Raphael Camilleri Parlato.


Count Giovanni Antonio Ciantar , husband of Teodora Wizzini Paleologo - Eminent historian and poet . Louis Vth of France made a member of The Academie de belles Lettres de Paris . His two books , one in Latin and one in Italian, proved that the island of Malta was the island that St. Paul was shipwrecked on . His descendants include the Chapelle Paleologo , Milanesi and Parlato families (Raphael's mother's family)
courtesy Raphael Camilleri Parlato.

Countess Maria Generosa Wizzini Paleologo wife of Count Ignazio Francesco,  from whom descend the following :
Counts Ciantar Paleologo
Counts Wizzini Paleologo
Barons Chappelle Paleologo
The Borg Olivier family
The Milanesi family
The Parlato family
Maria's mother was a Mangion of palazzo Mangion of Mdina. Her first cousin , Anna Maria Muscati, married to a Perdicomati Bologna, mother of the 1 st Count della catena is the ancestor of most noble families of Malta , 
especially those with Apap Bologna connections. Between Anna Maria and her cousin Maria Generosa , the Mangion family were the progenitures of about 98 % of Malta's present day nobility. (information taken from an extract by Raphael Camilleri Parlato).

An interesting story by Raphael Camilleri Parlato (from his archives):

It is hard to believe that this is a young Maltese Nobleman , who was forced by his mother to wear his sick sister's ball gown to attend a Royal Ball at the court of The Bourbon Kings of The Due Sicilie. He attracted the attention of The King !!!!

The Barone and Baronessa Ciantar Paleologo di San Giovanni and their daughter Helena were invited with their Milanesi cousins to a ball at the Royal Palace in Caserta . On the morning of the ball , the young Helena was taken ill and could not attend the ball . The Baroness , having had a fine gown made specially for her daughter for the occasion, decided to take her teen aged son Giuseppe to the ball , wearing his sister's clothes . At the ball , King Ferdinand danced several times with the youth wearing his sister's gown . Sua Maesta made improper suggestions and Giuseppe reported to his mother . The Baroness informed Don Nicola , who informed His Majesty . The King roared with laughter and requested that the San Giovanni's returned to court the following morning to have the court painter paint two paintings of young Giuseppe , one for The King and one for the family , who brought it to Malta . The above painting is the family copy of Giuseppe , who later inherited the title , wearing his sister's ball gown for The Royal Ball , sometie in the 1850's . The painting was inherited by Paul Kind Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni from his mother Diana .

The painting is now owned by Paul Kind , son of Diana nee Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovannii. It used to belong to his great aunt The Noble Luiga Chapelle Vadala' . The marriage of Teresa Milanesi. dei. Conti Ciantar Paleologo to the son of Don Nicola dei Marchesi de Torres Carafa Colombraro, a high dignatory at the Royal court in Napoli, opened the door of these Royal receptions to the Ciantar Paleologos and Milanesis



A family account of the Counts Ciantar Paleologo;

* 'Principe Giorgio Paleologo,'Settled in Malta from Sicily on 12-2-1589'., married to Lucia Sayd, (daughter of Don. Giam-Piero Sayd and Marguerite Borg)

with issue

1. Maria Paleologo, married Filippo Staffragi, with issue

1.1. Caterina Staffragi, married Michele Wizzini, with issue

1.1.1. Pietro Wizzini-Paleologo, married 1625 to Lorenza Tonna, with issue Paolo Wizzini-Paleologo-See Below. Maddalena Wizzini, married 1664 to Ignazio Giglio, with issue

1.1.2. Marino Wizzini, married 1636 to Margharita Ghaxaq, with issue Cleria Wizzini, married 1659 to Baldassare Farrugia, with issue

1.1.3. Blasio Wizzini

1.1.4. Filippo Wizzini

1.1.5. Antonio Wizzini, married Caterina..., with issue Francesco Wizzino, married 1659 to Anna Maria Bonici, with issue Anna Wizzini, married 1687 to Silvestrino Saliba, with issue Sapienza Wizzini, married 1661 to Mallioto Fiteni, with issue 

1.1.6. Marietta Wizzini

1.2. N.N. Staffragi, with issue.

1.2.1. Giacoma Staffragi, married 1647 to Andrea Bianco, with issue Giuseppe Bianco, married 1680 to Generosa Schembri, with issue Alonso Bianco, married 1712 to Maria Bonavia, with issue Giuseppe Bianco, married 1727 to Mattiola Caruana, with issue Maria Bianco, married 1768 to Gio Maria Calleja, with issue Antonio Calleja Caterina Calleja Anna Bianco, married Francesco Agius, with issue Eufemia Bianco, married Salvatore de Brincat, with issue Maria Bianco, married 1683 to Battista Torrou, with issue

* Paolo Wizzini Paleologo,

Married 1673 to Eufemia Vella, with issue

1. Ignazio Francesco Wizzini-Paleologo, 1st Count-See Below.

2. Rev. Luigi Maria Wizzini, (1676-1717), dunm.

3. Fr. Francesco Wizzini, (1678-1767), dunm.

* Ignazio Francesco Wizzini Paleologo, (1674-1744), 1st Count Paleologo (Cr:1711 by Pope Clement XI), 

Married 1694 to Generosa Vella Abela dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue

1. Maria Teodora Wizzini Paleologo, 2nd Countess-See Below.

* Maria Teodora Wizzini Paleologo, (1696-1778), 2nd Countess Paleologo,

Married Count Gio Antonio Ciantar,(Created in 1739 in Portugal, and 1745 in France.), 

1. Bellarmina Ciantar Paleologo, married Count Baldassare Fenech Bonici, with issue. -See Extinct Titles. .

2. Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, 3rd Count--See Below. .

3. Luigi Ciantar Paleologo, 2nd Conte Ciantar.(Note: According to the Will of Count Gio Antonio Ciantar, Luigi inherited the Conte Title), married 1780 to Maria Teresa Vella Castiglione, with issue
3.1. Anne dei Conti Cianter Paleologo, married 18-3-1805 to Guiseppe Milanesi Santoro (Born in Messina 1782)

3.1.1. Luigi Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo LLD (b 1811), married 5 Nov 1844 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giuditta Riccardi Amodeo Guiseppe Milanesi (b 6-3-1849 in Valletta), married at Naxxar 5-10-1875 to Annetta Amato Maria Milanesi (b 6-8-1877 in Naxxar), married 12-4-1899 at Naxxar to Enrico Parlato Alice Parlato (b 8-11-1905), married in 1925 at St Ignatius Jesuit College Chapel to Cecil J. Camilleri Raphael J. Camilleri (b 25-4-1929 in Malta),married 1-2-1959 to Virginia Maria Camilleri Nicholas C. Camilleri (b 8-11-1959), married to Margarita Andreyovna Knipper Savitskaya., with issue. Damien Constantine Camilleri Savitsky, (2002-. Francesca Alica Camilleri (b 2-4-1962, married 1988 to Tonio Cremona, married (2) 10 May 2000 to Steve Greene Maximilian Alexander Cremona (b 11-7-1991) Monica Gilbert (b 8-8-1933) John. C Camilleri (b 6-11-1927) Marie Therese Debono (b 2-3-1932) Anthony A. Camilleri (b 9-6-1930) Magda Camilleri (b 23-8-1947) Chrisitine Bugeja (b 17-8-1947) Evelyn Parlato, married 1924 Capt Reginald Cassar Torreggiani Elisabeth Cassar Torreggiani (b 1939), married Marquis John Apap Bologna., with issue. (See Maltese titles under Gnien is-Sultan) Mabel Parlato ( Missionary in the Far East) Marie Louise Bonello (Wife of George Bonello MBE) Lucia Parlato Concetta Aubrey (wife of Cmdr. Philip Aubrey MBE)

3.1.2. Concetta Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo , married Antonio Gatt Testaferrata Olivier

3.1.3. Teresa Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo, married Cav. Nicola dei Marchese de Torres Carafa, dsp.

3.2. Salvatore Ciantar Paleologo,died 1846. 3rd Conte Ciantar, (See Note above), Married Firstly to Fortunata Brun, and dsp. Secondly 1831 to Vincenza Preziosi

* Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, (1718-98), 3rd Count Ciantar Paleologo, 1st Baron of San Giovanni, (Cr:1777-See Title),

Married 1756 to Elena Moneta Vella,  with issue

1. Giuseppe Ciantar Paleologo, 'Capitano del Reggimento" died unm 1788.
2. Fr. Pietro Paolo Ciantar Paleologo, "Cappellano", died unm. 1789.
3. Antonio Ciantar Paleologo, "Cadetto nel Reggemento", dunm 1786.
4. Giovanni Battista Ciantar Paleologo, 4th Count-See Below.
5. Maria Ciantar Paleologo, married and lived in Portugal (More to come shortly on descendants)
6. Elizabetta Ciantar Paleologo, "nun", dunm

* Giovanni Battista Ciantar Paleologo, (1777-1856), 4th Count Ciantar Paleologo, 2nd Baron of San Giovanni,

Married 1805 to Margarita Farrugia Mannarino, with issue.

1. Sir Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, 5th Count-See Below.

2. Guiseppe Ciantar Paleologo, 6th Count-See Below.

3. Elena Ciantar Paleologo, (died 1851), married Judge Francesco Chapelle, with issue.

3.1. Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, 7th Count-See Below.

3.2. Sir Alessandro Chapelle, 4th Baron of San Giovanni-(See That Title).

3.3. Maria Regina Chapelle Paleologo, married 1854 to Giuseppe Borg Olivier de Puget, with issue

3.4. Carla Chapelle, married 1867 to Pietro Castarino.

4. Fortunata Chapelle Paleologo, (died 1903), Married 1871 to Dr Filippo dei Conti Preziosi, LL.D. -See Preziosi.

5. Fr. Paolo Ciantar-Paleologo, dunm.

* Sir Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, KCMG, (1818-87),5th Count Ciantar Paleologo,

3rd Baron of San Giovanni, and dunm.

* Giuseppe Ciantar Paleologo, 6th Count Ciantar Paleologo, and dunm.

* Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, (1835-1901), 7th Count Ciantar Paleologo,

Married 1866 to Emilia Castaldi, with issue

1. Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, 8th Count-See Below.

* Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, (1870-1937), 8th Count Ciantar Paleologo,

Married 1906 to Gaetana Fenech, with issue

1. Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, 9th Count-See Below.

* Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, (1906-81), 9th Count Ciantar Paleologo, Prince of Mistra, (See Other Titles Section),

Married 1939 to Mary Evelyn Magri Cremona, with issue

1. John Constantine Chapelle Paleologo,
acknowledged by the COP as the 10th Count Ciantar Paleologo.(1945-, Married 1972 to Margaret Cefai, with issue.

1.1. Jean Pierre Chapelle Paleologo, (1975-, Married 2001 to Natasha Stanley

1.1.1. Annah Chapelle Paleologo, (1-2-02-.

1.2. Nicola Chapelle Paleologo, (1978-

2. Maria Lucinda Chapelle Paleologo, (1940-, married 1965 to Angelo Onesti, with issue

3. Simonide Chapelle Paleologo, (1943-, Married 1970 to Luciano Patriniani, with issue

4. Sophie Mignon Chapelle Paleologo, (1950-, Married 1976 to Matteo La Manna, with issue


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