Title: Count and Baron
Title in succession:
Dates created:
1769, 1770 and 1775
EMPRESS OF AUSTRIA in her kingdom and all her Provinces of Italy and Pope Clement XIV
Granted To: Giorgio Fournier de Pausier
Rep: Sant Fournier
Remainder to:
his male descendants in order of primogeniture
Present Holder: Stephen Sant Fournier C.I.S.A, KCN
First styled as Baron in 1770 as Baron De Pausier, later granted Count in 1775 and
Count Palatine Sant in 1769.
Foreign Titles not formerly recognised by the Royal Commission of 1878: Baron de Pausier 


As the Contino Alfred Sant Fournier circa 1970's

The Most Noble Count Alfred Charles Sant Fournier
8th Count Fournier (Forever in our hearts - Picture taken circa 1956)


The Family Fournier were Merchants from France with ancient lineage, having direct connections with the Papacy Avignon back in the 15th century with Pope Benedict XII (r1332-42) formerly Jacques Fournier.

Pope Benedict XII

"You have elected a jackass!" cried Jacques Fournier when to his astonishment he found that he had been elected on the first ballot. But the self-styled jackass was actually the outstanding theologian in the college of cardinals. Jacques Fournier was born at Saverdun in Southern France. He became a Cistercian monk, studied theology at Paris, and rose to be bishop 
of Pamiers and later of Mirepoix. John XXII made him a cardinal in 1327 and depended upon his theological knowledge in the struggles which marked that Pontiff's stormy reign. Elected unanimously on the first ballot, Jacques chose the name Benedict XII.

At first Benedict toyed with the idea of going back to Rome. From the Eternal City came urgent invitations. But Romans were still turbulent and Avignon was quiet and pleasant. Far from leaving, Benedict began to build that huge fort of a palace which is the landmark of the Avignon exile. 

Since Benedict had been a fervent monk, the "spiritual" Franciscan minority hoped that the new Pope would be more favorable to them. But Benedict was a great lover of obedience and orthodoxy, and he soon showed the recalcitrant 
friars that the monk Pope had much the same ideas as his canon lawyer predecessor. He worked hard to reform religious orders. One outstanding measure was his determined effort to get wandering monks and friars back into cloister. A number of maladjusted religious had been roaming the roads seeking adventure and, of course, giving no end of scandal.

Benedict did his best to shepherd this wandering flock back into the fold. He enacted other measures which helped the Benedictines, and in general did a lot to check abuses and foster regularity in religious houses.

Benedict also tried to reform the abuses which were creeping into the Roman court, and he gave to all a shining example of detachment by his steady refusal to enrich his relatives. He loved peace so much that he declared that he would not fight even to preserve the papal kingdom. When the storm clouds which warned of the coming Hundred Years' War loomed, Benedict exerted himself to dissipate them. Pro-French he may have been to the extent of creating a great majority of French cardinals, but when war threatened, he showed himself a truly impartial peacemaker. Unfortunately he succeeded only in postponing the terrible war.

Benedict XII has been praised by some of his contemporaries and harshly criticized by others. This is not strange, for he was a pious man and an earnest reformer. These Reforms tread on toes and caused anguished outcries. 
Besides, Petrarch did not like Benedict because he would not come back to Rome, and the fight with Louis the Bavarian still went on. History has done justice to this holy and learned Pope. If only he had any weaknesses,  it was in the field of diplomacy. His simple monastic outlook was ill-tuned to the complexities of high policy.

Benedict XII died on April 25, 1342.

Excerpted from "Popes Through the Ages" by Joseph Brusher, S.J. Electronic 
version copyright @ 1996 New Advent, Inc.

The Fournier's held titles in Southern France, dating back to Hugh Capet in the 10th Century. Many descendants may claim lineage through this family who travelled in search of a fortune. One descendant 'Geronimo Fournier' a Merchant (mercante di drappi con bottega aperta sposo' Marilhena) in the Mediterranean Sea with 'The Duchy of Savoy', Grand Ducal of Tuscany, the Papal States, Duchy of Parma and the Kingdoms of Sardinia and the Two Sicilies 
(Including the Isles of Malta). Here Geronimo Fournier eventually settled and made Malta a base to expand his business to Africa, and later the Ottoman Empires.

Upon coming of age , his son Lazzaro Fournier already commanded a fleet, and a Merchant who later went to France and married Ariete de Pausier ', an heiress from another Merchant family in Southern France. Great success soon followed as the fleet of his merchant ships grew, and their son was sent to be educated in the Austrian Army (Tuscany) along with several other young Maltese (a future brother in-law to Salvatore Baldassare Sant).

A successful career followed in the Austrian Army as promotions to Captain (together with those of his brother in-law), and who would also marry his best friend's sister Aloisea Sant in 1733, who later had a large family.

Giorgio Fournier's career in the Austrian army flourished, with many heroic adventures and successes, thereby acquiring his Noble title from Empress Maria Theresia of Austria, Queen of Hungary, Bohemia.... with the title of 'Barone de Pausier' 
in her Italian Provinces on 31st March 1768 at Vienna, Austria. 

This title was granted to his legitimate male descendants in order of primogeniture, and which title was an honour to a man of such talent and efforts in the wars against France and Spain. 

When Despuig became Grand Master in 1736 Giorgio Fournier was nominated 'Alfiere della Cavalleria'. However, many prominent persons who were not titled, but occupied similiar posts were listed on the roll of Valetta. Amongst these we 
find the Fournier brothers, Giuseppe and Lazzaro, who were both 'Luogotenente' of the Zebbug Regiment. The fact that most of the Nobility were patent holders may have been another reason why they were not included in the Ruolo, although a number of clerics are mentioned. In fact, the only four prominent families enrolled in the Ruolo were the Fournier, Crispo, Alessi, and Marchesi, all of whom were ennobled after the list was drawn up. Upon retirement and finally returning to Malta, Giorgio Fournier was presented with an Honour of appreciated to the title of Count Fournier de Pausier on the 29th of January, 1770 at Vienna with remainder to his descendants in the order of primogeniture. That same year of 1770 his brother in-law, Salvatore Baldassare Sant was also created Count Sant and remainder to his male descendants in the order of primogeniture for services to Her Imperial Armies of Austria. 

Count Giorgio Fournier was granted permission to use the title of Count Fournier at the chancellery of the order of St John on the year 1775 with full recognition. In 1776, Baron Fournier requested Lante to be relieved of his office within the tribunal of the Inquisition, as he and his family had decided to emigrate to France. 

The next successor was Giorgio's son Lazzaro, who held the family business in Merchant shipping and set up an Office in Valletta. During the last Grand Master's reign in Malta, he was exiled with his father the Count from Malta, with the 'association to the Freemasons'. Lazzaro left Malta followed by his father until the French had invaded Malta, and then was invited back. During the up rise against the French, the Count Fournier had his house and goods confiscated and was banished from the city on the pretext of his brothers as an insurgent leader. This is strange as the Fournier's had always been loyal to the French and had entrusted with the first dispatch to the King of Naples, only one month before.

Being of French descent, the Fournier's were part of the high society and held high positions during the French reign in Malta, considered a traitor by the Maltese during this period. The family flourished during this period, with Lazzaro's younger brother Gaetano holding the Merchant shipping business in France, and Lazzaro in Malta. Gaetano married into French nobility in France, his sisters Diane, marrying a Sicilian Barone in Licata and Anne marrying a Frenchman while in exile during the last period of the Knights of Malta.

Count Lazzaro Fournier, married in Malta , to the Last 'Capitano della Verga' of Malta's niece, Modesta Gauci-Azzopardi grandaughter of the 1st Barone di Buleben and descendant of the Ancient noble family of Cuzkeri. The Cuzkeri, an ancient spelling, are descendants to much of the Maltese-Sicilian nobility and Royalty. This connection creating a link to 'ancient' noble blood to a new noble family in Malta.

Thus only providing an heiress to the title and family fortune, Luigia Fournier, who succeeded as the 'de-jure' Countess Fournier de Pausier and married the second son of the 2nd Count Sant (a second cousin). Baldassare dei Conti Sant, a Lord Lieutenant of Mdina, and brother of the Archbishop of Malta. Baldassare's marriage provided a new legacy to the Sant Fournier families, uniting two noble families in blood, and creating a new family. All 'SANT FOURNIER' are descendants of this union.

Baldassare dei Conti Sant was the son of the 2nd Count Sant and the 7th Baroness of Ghariexem e Tabia, (very wealthy heiress with lots of Estates). The Sants, later to be known as Sant Cassia's or Sant Fournier's or Sant Manduca and Sant Barbaros were one of the richest families in Malta. The wealth held was beyond belief by today's standards.

A note, the Sant's were divided into several families, as mentioned above. The only family extinct in a male line are the Sant Barbaro's. The Grand Master de Rohan create Conte Dr. Giovanni Francesco Sant a providador de efsa Universital y Publico en la Ciudad de Licata acknowledged in Palermo 4 February 1776 declared the title of Conte Palatine Sant created in 2nd August 1769 by Pope Clement XIV, and confirmed on 13th November 1769 and to be inherited by male to male descendants, acknowledged by the Cardinal Negrone.

Baldassare's mother was also from an ancient lineage, with connections from all Noble and landed gentry of Malta. There are several noted royal connections through this connection.

The next holder was the son of Countess Luigia and Baldassare Sant Fournier, Lazzaro Sant Fournier succeeded as the 4th Barone de Pausier in Italy and 4th Count in Malta. Invested as a Knight of the Order of Charles III of Spain and was one of the wealthiest men in Malta.

The struggles of the Royal Commission started in Malta, where all titles had to be presented to the H.M. Government who later finally granted permission of the title of Count Fournier on the 30th of April, 1878.  Thus providing recognition in the British Empire. But the title of Barone de Pausier was not acknowledged by the British Royal Commission. (Note: The title of Barone de Pausier was created in the Austrian Italian kingdoms, the descendants still carry this title today, as they still have the LEGAL and ANCIENT RIGHT to retain such title).

Lazzaro Sant Fournier first married in 1838 to Adelaide dei Baroni Testaferrata Abela, the daughter of the Fifth Barone di Gomerino and his third wife, 'the Contessa Buzzi-Rainier di Velletri'. From this union came several children, Aloisia, Clotilde, Calcidone, and 2 other children. Their daughter married into Spanish and Maltese Nobility.

Lazzaro Sant Fournier, died in 1898, living a life of change under the British.

Alfred Sant Fournier, succeeded as the 5th Count and Barone for only a few years. Alfred was fortunate to travel to London to attend the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902, as a member of the Maltese Nobility. He married in 
1869 to a Maltese-Italian Banking and Noble family providing the family with a Bank to their realms, and many other priceless treasures. Olga dei Conti Tagliaferro eventually became the sole heiress to the Tagliaferro Banking House.

Alfred had three sons (Hugo, Edward and Charles), Hugo and Edward were twins, though Hugo being the elder of the twins, was unable to hold title due to his poor condition, the title remain dormant until his death in 1910, when his 
younger twin, Edward succeeded as the 6th Count (twin with Hugo).

Edward, married Esther Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq dei Marchese Testaferrata di San Vincenzo Ferreri e dei Baroni Qlejjgha, the daughter of the 6th Marchese and 5th Baron. From this connection, providing many connections to most of the present Maltese nobility 

Edward died in 1951 and was succeeded by his son Alfred, as the 7th Count Fournier.

Alfred married in 1935 to Eileen Donovan............from Cork Ireland, and had 4 children, Marie, Eileen, and two twins Alfred and Anthony.

Marie the eldest married to Dr. Philip Attard Montalto, and had four children, Edward, Patricia, Victoria and Deborah. Eileen married to Chev. A. Busietta and had 3 children, Hadrian jr., Rowena and Fiona. Anthony de Conti Fournier married to Elisabeth nee' Anastasi and had three children, Alexander, Christian and Edward. 

Alfred died in 1973, a year before the Republic of Malta was installed, and succeeded by his son also Alfred, as the 8th Count Fournier and the 8th Baron de Pausier born on the 7th October 1944, and had six children. Alfred and Anthony were twins, but Alfred was the eldest, born 15 minutes earlier at 11.45 whilst Anthony was born at 12.00. All brothers and sisters lived under the terrible times of the 70's and 80's (known better as the dark years), both brothers went to various schools and colleges and Alfred was widely respected by many of his Bank colleagues. Alfred worked for the National Bank of Malta for 5 years and later (after the Scandal takeover by Dom Mintoff) with the Bank of Valletta for 18 years. He died 31st December 2002 at an untimely age of 58.

His eldest son succeeded him the 20th September 2003, as the 9th Count Fournier et Barone de Pausier.

Partly researched until the 6th Count Fournier by C. Said Vassallo, 7th of October, 2000 and updated 28 March 2001.

A Genealogical Account of the Counts Fournier

* Jacobo-Guiliame de Fournier,  Sire de Fournier e la Chapelle. (c1570-1640) of Haute-Loire, France, with issue.

    1.      Giorgio-Benedict de Fournier. - See Below.

  1. Louis-Charles de Fournier, Sire de la Chapelle. (a female descendant had married a illegitimate descendant of King Louis XIV - the Sun King of the 18th century).

* Giorgio-Benedict Fournier of Haute-Loire, Sire de Fournier, France (died 1672), married with issue.

1. Jacobo-Guilliame  de Fournier, Barone de Fournier, (1632-., married Isabella Elizabeth Eynard., with issue.

1.1. Guilliame, Baron de Fournier, (1678-1752)., married Marguerite Bourleyre., with issue
1.1.1. Anne de Fournier., (1742-.

1.1.2.      Marie de Fournier, (1743-.

1.1.3.      Pierre de Fournier., (1745-61)., Barone de Fournier., dunm.

1.1.4.      Francoise de Fournier., (1747-1807)., married Jean Bertin.

1.1.5.      Anne de Fournier., (1751-80).

1.1.6.      Pierre de Fournier., (1753-. Barone de Fournier.

2. Louis-Benedict de Fournier, Sacerdot in Aviginon, France. dunm 1689.

3. Charles-Henri de Fournier., Moved to London, England, then settled in Pfalz, Germany., married Marguerite Brifau., with issue.

Jean de Fournier., (Born in London, England.)., married 1663 at Pfalz, Germany to Marguerite Bourguin., Married 1673 at Pfalz, Germany to Marie du Rieu., with issue.

3.1.1.      Catherine de Fournier., (1673-.

3.1.2.      Henri de Fournier., (1674-.

3.1.3.      Francoise de Fournier., (1677-.

3.1.4.      Olivier de Fournier., (1680-.

3.1.5.      Daniel de Fournier., (1683-.

3.1.6.      Josias de Fournier., (1685-1757)., married at Pfalz, Germany to Catherine Bodin., with issue. de Fournier., (1719-74)., married (his cousin) Rachel de Fournier., with issue. Josias de Fournier., (1749-1808)., married Frederique Urbain.

3.1.7.      Abraham de Fournier., (1688-1738)., married Rachel Harant., with issue. de Fournier., (1728-., married Sara Septsous., with issue.      Isaac de Fournier., (1753-1817)., married Marthe Loge., with issue. de Fournier., (1800-74)., married Henrietta Ernestine Mathis., with issue.      Henrietta de Fournier., (1832-., married Charles William Coste.      Julie Davide de Fournier., (1838-.  Rachel de Fournier., married her cousin Josias de Fournier.

4. Geronimo Fournier, - See Below.

5. Fra. Giacomo de Fournier, Knight of the Order of St John, dunm 1716.

* Geronimo Fournier of Aviginon, Sire de Fournier (Shared with his elder brother), France, Merchant of Trapani, Italy, Settled in Malta as a base to the Mediterranean Sea trade. married 1672 to Madeliene Preziosi-Poussieghes. (See Preziosi for ancestry)

1. Giorgio-Benedict de Fournier., (1672-98) dunm

2. Lazzaro Fournier- See Below.

3. Marchesa Rosa Fournier, married 1696 to Giuseppe Rola, with issue

* Lazzaro Fournier, married 1705 to Arietta de Pausier, (Daughter of Giuseppe de Pausier, Merchant of France and Maria Decos)

1. Giorgio Fournier, 1st Count Fournier and 1st Barone de Pausier-See Below.

2. Aloiseo Fournier, married to Anna Borg, with issue

2.1. Mattia Fournier, married 1758 Porto Salvo, Valletta, to Francesco Calleja, ("del Luogo detto Bousett" of Marseglia).

3. Giovanni Fournier, married (1) 1727 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Teresa Stellons. Married (2) 1734 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Caterina Caruana Mallia.

* Giorgio Fournier, 1st Conte Fournier (Cr:1770 in the Austrian Empire), Ist Barone de Pausier, (Created 1768 in the Austrian Empire). Married 1733 to Aloisea Sant, (The Sister of the First Count Sant), with issue

1. Lazzaro Fournier, 2nd Conte-See Below.

2. Gaetano Fournier, (1738-..), married 1775 to Clothilde Durante (Dorell), (See de Vaccaro) with issue

2.1. Caterina Fournier,

2.2. Margherita Fournier

2.3. (illegitimate) Aloiseo Brignone, married 1771 to Antonia Bagari, with issue
2.3.1. Gaetano Brignone, married 1814 to Sylvia Gatt, with issue Charlotte Brignone, married 1859 Southampton, England to Lieut. Edward Somerville (of the Somerville Baronets of England), R.M.A, with issue

3. Diane Fournier, (1736-..), married 1772 to Don Alessandro de Platamone, Noble of Licata, Governor of Licata, with issue.

3.1. Flora de Platamone, married 1801 to Signor Don. Angelo Pileri., with issue.

4. Annuzationa Fournier, (1733-86), married 1776 to Gaetano Hefner

5. Peppino Fournier, (1741-87). Knight of the Order of St John.

6. Franca Fournier, (1744-..), dunm.

7. (illegitimate or Slave!) Giovanna de Fournier (Noted as "Manumesio" View Adami Collection Vol:19, pp. 149), married 1767 at San Paolo, Valletta to Michelangelo di Giovanni. (Also a "Manumesio").

* Lazzaro Fournier, 2nd Conte Fournier, Married to Modesta Gauci Azopardi, with issue.

1. Luigia Fournier, 3rd Contessa-See Below.

* Luigia Fournier, (died 1858), 3rd Contessa Fournier, Married 1811 to Baldassare dei Conti Sant,  with issues

1. Lazzaro Sant Fournier,4th Count-See Below.

2. Giorgio dei Conti Sant Fournier LL.D ( 1817-, Married to Paolina dei Marchese Apap-Bologna

2.1. Emmanule Sant Fournier ( 1850- , married to Filomena De Bono , with issue.

2.2. Luigia Sant Fournier ( 1856-, married 1886 to Amabile dei Baroni Attard-Montalto

2.3. Gwendoleon Sant Fournier ( 1863- , married to Edward Farcononth

2.4. Emilia Sant Fournier ( 1865- , married 1886 to Achilles dei Baroni Attard-Montalto

2.5. Maria Sant Fournier ( 1874-, married NN England, with issue. (England-Sant Fournier)

* Lazzaro Sant Fournier ( 1813-98), 4th Count Fournier, married 1838 to Adelaide Testaferrata-Abela dei Baroni di Gomerino, with issue

1. Alfred Sant Fournier, 5th Count-See Below.

2. Clara dei Conti Sant Fournier, married Saverio dei Conti Manduca

3. Giula dei Conti Sant Fournier ( 1844-, married firstly to Jose de Lavelle, Count of Premio Real, married secondly to Eliodoro dei Marchese Barbaro

* Alfred Sant Fournier ( 1840-1903), 5th Count Fournier, married 1869 to Olga dei Conti Tagliaferro, with issue

1. Hugo Sant Fournier ( 1871-1910) Contino Fournier, dsp

2. Edward Sant Fournier, 6th Count-See Below.

3. Mary dei Conti Sant Fournier (1869-, married to Capt. Francis Lawson (died 1914)

3.1. Gladys Lawson-Sant Fournier, (1895-

3.2. Elsie Lawson-Sant Fournier, (1897-

4. Carlo dei Conti Sant Fournier ( 1875-,. Married to Carmela Abela-Pulis (Sister of Marchioness Scicluna), with issue.

4.1. Guido Sant Fournier (1911 - 1987), married Vera Vallone

4.1.1. Charles Sant Fournier ( 1951- , married to Mary Anne Felice

4.1.2. James Sant Fournier 1955 married to Diane Pace Decesare, with issue Fabien (born 3 February 1983 Solange Corinne (born 18 December 1984

4.2. Hugh Sant Fournier ( 1913-, married to Gwendolyn Wood, with issue/

4.2.1. Robert Sant Fournier ( 1941-

4.2.2. Michelle Corinne Sant Fournier ( 1945- , married in 1969 to Geoffrey Howard Minter, Laird of Sandside.

4.3. Mary Sant Fournier, married Milovan Micovic, with issue.

* Edward Sant Fournier ( 1871- 1951),6th Count Fournier, married in 1906 to Esther dei Marchese Testaferrata-Bonici ( - 1951)

1. Alfred Sant Fournier ( 1911-73), 7th Count-See Below.

* Alfred Sant Fournier ( 1911-73), 7th Count Fournier, married in 1935 to Eileen Donovan

1. Alfred Sant Fournier, 8th Count Fournier - See Below.

2. Anthony dei Conti Sant Fournier ( 1944- , married in 1968 to Elisabeth Anastasi with issue,

2.1. Christian Sant Fournier ( 1974-

2.2. Alexander Sant Fournier ( 1977- 

2.3. Edward Sant Fournier ( 1980-

3. Marie dei Conti Sant Fournier ( 1936- , married in 1958 to Dr Phillip Attard-Montalto LL.D, with issue. (See Benwarrad)
3.1 Patricia Attard Montalto has issue married to Thomas Vadala
3.2 Victora Attard Montalto has issue married to Dr. David Grech LL.D
3.3 Edward Attard Montalto has issue and married to Susannah, 
3.4 Deborah Attard Montalto married .....

4. Eileen Dei Conti Sant Fournier ( 1938 . , married (Sep.) in 1958 to Adrian Busietta, with issue.

4.1. Hadrian Busietta, (1965- Deirdre and has issue 
4.2. Rowena Busietta, ( 1959-, married 1981 to Simon Mamo and has issue.
4.3. Fiona Busietta, ( 1961- married to Steve Cachia (Sep.) and has issue

* Alfred Sant Fournier,(1944-2002), 8th Count Fournier, Barone de Pausier (See Foreign Titles Section), 
Married in 1964 to Gladys Meli-Bugeja, (See Maltese Families-Cassar Torreggiani), with issue

1. Stephen Sant Fournier ( 1965 - , 9th Count Fournier, Baron de Pausier and Count Palatine Sant CISA KCN married to Rita Anne Mary Mackay (Scotland) with issue
1.1 Tyler Sant Fournier (1997 -
1.2 Connor Sant Fournier (1999 -
2. Simon dei Conti Sant Fournier, M.B.A ( 1972- Acknowledged as the Count Tagliaferro married 2007 to Diane Fenech with issue
2.1 Gregory (2009
2.2 Emma Marie (2012
2.3 Henry (2018
3. Sean dei Conti Sant Fournier B.A et de Baroni de Pausier et Conte Sant (1977- , married 2006 to Dr.Claudanne Zammit BA LLD)
3.1 Isaac (2011
3.2 Eli (2015
4. Silvana dei Conti Sant Fournier, M.B.A, ( 1967-, married to Matthew Sultana with issue
4.1. Kurt Sultana, (2001-
4.2. Amie Sultana, (2004-
5. Sarah Psaila dei Conti Sant Fournier ( 1969-, Married to Mark Psaila with issue
5.1. Michaela Psaila, (1998-.
5.2. Sasha Psaila, (2004-.
6. Sandra dei Conti Sant Fournier, Notary Public ( 1980 - married to Omar Magri withg issue
6.1 Eli (2015

6.2 Jack (2017

* Count Stephen Sant Fournier, 9th Count Fournier & Baron de Pausier, Count Palatine Sant (1769), married 1995 to Rita Anne Mary Mackay (Scottish title) with issue.
Knight Commander of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St.George, Knight Commander of the Order of Georgia, Knight of St.Michael of the Wing (Portugal) and President of the Catenian Association.


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Fournier History 

1st Count, Giorgio FOURNIER de Pausier, made COUNT on the 29 January 1770 by the EMPRESS OF AUSTRIA in her kingdom and all her Provinces of Italy 

2nd Count, Lazzaro in 1811 

3rd Countess, Luigia Fournier and Baldassare son of Count Sant, son Lazzaro Sant-Fournier (Lazzaro, was Malta's wealthiest man at the time). See Picture

4th Count, Lazzaro, Knight of Charles III of Spain, Count 1866 {*1}
President of the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce 1890-1893 
He took over Presidency on the demise of Paolo Pullicino, and up to his time the Society was still without premises. Therefore he called a committee meeting and convened a general meeting at his Palazzo on 14th April 1890, during which he confirmed President and Federico Mamo, secretary of the society. On 19th February 1891, Gov't approved a subsidy of 60 pounds and during the same year commenced the printing of certificates and Diplomas. The reform on the term of office of President took place, and instead of a three year period, it was reduced to one year. He therefore had to step down in 1893, but his procedure was reverted again in 1904 but once again altered in later years.


Alfred Sant Fournier - 5th Count Fournier 
Alfred married only daughter of Count Tagliaferro, Olga m.1869, Count 1898

Hugh Sant Fournier
(Considered a dandy for his time)

Count Alfredo Sant FournierPresident of the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce 1901.  
Two events in particular highlighted his year-long Presidency, these were the proposal for the setting up of the museum of Archaeology (Sir Temi Zammit was secretary of the society at this time) and the coordination and opening of an Extraordinary Exhibition to coincide with the visit of their royal Highness Duke and Duchess of York and Cornwall. The Exhibition was inaugurated on the 25th March 1901 and was set up at 'Casa Industriale' in front of St. John's Cathedral, Valletta. The building was later destroyed by enemy action during WW2. Sir Gerald Strickland, then Cheif Secretary to the Gov't encouraged the Society to set up a museum of Antiquity. For the support extended to the Society Strickland was nominated Vice Patron of the Society in June 1899. 

6th Count, Edward made Count 1910 upon death of his brother Hugh, married daughter of the 6th Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri and 5th Baron of Qlejja. (Photo below, first from left with his Son Contino Alfred Anthony Sant Fournier, photo circa 1918). b. 1871 son of Alfred, educ. University of Malta, 1910, represented Nobility at the coronation of George RI the V, secretary of the Committee of Privileges, 1911. President 1929, Head of the Banking firm B. Tagliaferro & Sons. , Director Anglo Maltese Bank and President Bank of Malta 1936. President of the Agrarian Society, President of horticulture; Governor of St.Edward's College, Malta 1906. Residence at 143 St.Christopher Street, Valletta.


Esther Testaferrata, daughter of the 6th Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri and 5th Baron of Qlejja

The Coronation group of 1911

Coronotion Group 1911

The Maltese Representatives at the Coronation of King George V.
Dr. Oreste Grech Mifsud LL.D., C.M.G., Mr Edward Tancred Agius
The Most Noble Edward Sant Fournier, Conte Fournier
As recorded in the Times of London, 13 May, 1911.

Photo courtesy of Mr. David Arrigo and Edward Attard Montalto

Count Edward Sant Fournier 
by kind permission Edward Attard Montalto


Contino Alfred Sant Fournier circa 1918 (only son)

7th Count, Alfred Anthony made Count in 1951, married to Eileen nee' Donavan, and had issue, Alfred Charles, Anthony, Eileen, Marie.


Alfred and Anthony 1951

Hugh & Edward 1887

Eileen Busietta Sant Fournier,  3 Children, Hadrian Busietta Jnr., Rowena, and Fiona.
Marie Attard Montalto, 4 Children, Edward, Deborah, Victoria, Patricia.

8th Count Fournier, Alfred C. (twin brother Dei Conti Anthony Sant Fournier), b.7th October1944 (d. 31st December 2002) married 24/4/1964 to Gladys Meli Bugeja 

Twins Alfred and Tony with big sister Marie
(Photo courtesy of Tony Sant Fournier - Ursuline nuns)

Alfred Sant Fournier, Malta Army Corps

9th Count Fournier - Stephen Sant Fournier and Baron De Pausier CISA IMIS (Count September 2003)

Count Fournier (2011)


Contino Connor Sant Fournier, Michaela Psaila, Kurt Sultana, Contino Tyler Sant Fournier (2016)


Russian Nobility Assembly 2019: Contino Connor Sant Fournier, Count Fournier and Chev. Marco Spiteri Binett (General Secretary)

The Noble Dei Conti Anthony Sant Fournier  
(b. 07/10/1944) married to Elisabeth nee' Anastasi

Picture taken at The Casino Maltese September 2018

m.21/4/1968; has 3 children; lives in Sliema, Malta.

Christian, Alexander and Edward.

{*1}Wednesday 22 May 1878 , The Malta Government Gazette, number 2769
His Excellency the Governor, Lazzaro, Title 'Conte', by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria to Giorgio Fournier De Pausier upon the 29th of January 1770, permitted the claimant and his successors for the purpose of precedence to take place to which hey would be entitled under the principles of legal interpretation applicable to the grant if it had emanated in 1770 from the Sicilian or Maltese sovereign authority.

Count Fournier and Baron De Pausier by the Empress of Austria since 29 January 1770, and Count Palatine Sant since 1769 by Pope Clement XIV.

Present holder:

9th Count, COUNT Sant Fournier (2003),
Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire, Patrician of Rome and Messina
and Count Palatine Sant.

First Registered Coat of Arms at the Austrian Archives

(Original Coat of Arms)

Third Coat of Arms for Count Edward Sant Fournier

Current Title Holder Coat of arms


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