Ghajn Qajjed


Title: Marquis
Title in succession:
Date created: 
Grand Master de Rohan-Polduc
Granted To: Dr.Gerolamo Delicata LL.D
Rep: Formosa-Gauci
Present Holder: Michael Formosa Gauci
Remainder to: his legitimate and natural first born descendants in perpetuity
British crown recognition: 1878
Feudal Tribute: a bouquet of flowers every year on the feast of St. Martin, Pope, 13th November
Extinct Magisterial Titles: Lord of
Ghajn Qajjed (Calava Family) 
Foreign Titles not recognised by the Royal 1878 Commission: Count of Santa Sofia (Formosa Gauci) 
first used by Formosa de Fremaux in itself not a foreign title but was a self styled Count.

First Created in 1361 to the Pellegrino family, then the Calava family in 1531. The present holders, the title of Marquis of Ghajn Qajjed was created to Dr Gerolamo Delicata LL.D by the Grand Master de Rohan-Polduc in 1796 with remainder to his legitimate and natural first born descendants in perpetuity.

British crown recognition in 1878.

The Delicata family, the last to be ennobled by the Order, claimed they could not live off their rents. Their lucrative possession was the Grua field which in 1797, only rendered 116 scudi

The title survived in the Delicata family till 1917, then succeeded by the next of kin, descendants of the 2nd Marquis, Luigi Manduca-Gauci, became 4th Marquis and died unmarried in 1926.

The title moved to Luigi second cousin, once removed, the present holders, Rev Victor Formosa-Gauci S.J., 5th Marquis, also Count of Santa Sofia .

FORMOSA GAUCI - The Most Noble Fr VICTOR FORMOSA GAUCI, SJ, LL.D., Marquis of Ghajn Qajjed and Count of Santa Sofia, on July 7, 2004, at Zammit Clapp Hospital , St Julian's, aged 89, went to meet the Risen Lord, comforted by the rites of Holy Mother Church .

The title is DORMANT (2005).

His brother Major P.P Formosa Gauci R.M.A (Ret'd) is the Marchesino di Ghajn Qajjied and Contino di Santa Sofia, who has issue.

A Genealogical account of the Marquis's di Ghajn Qajjed.

De Licata family. 

  1. Frabineo de Licata, Jurat 1404-08., with issue.

1.1.           Franquineo de Licata., Jurat 1419-33., married Giacoma .., with issue.

1.1.1.                 Biagio de Licata. (c. 1450)

1.1.2.                 Isabella de Licata., married Francesco Allegritto., Jurat 1466, and 1470.., with issue.

1.2.         Saigne de Licata., married Francesco Berrero.


* Andrea Delicata, married 1649 to Valenza Mizzi, with issue

1. Alberto Delicata, married 1677 to Giovanella Gatt, with issue.

1.1. Rosa Delicata, married (1) 1699 to Domenico Zammit, married (2) Giovanni Cutajar.
1.2. Grazuilla Delicata, married 1707 to Carlo Grech, with issue.
1.3. Andrea Delicata, married 1710 to Anna Maria Micallef, with issue.
1.3.1. Dr. Gioacchino Delicata LL.D, married (1) 1739 to Angelica Fenech, Married (2) 1764 to Caterina Belato., with issue. (Second Marriage) Gaetana Delicata, married 1785 to Dr. Giuseppe Casha LL.D., with issue. Lorenzo Casha, Capitano di Luqa and Vittoriosa, married Catherine Sceberras, with issue. Antonia sives Sinofria Casha, dunm. Genesio Casha, married with issue. Assunta Casha. Guiseppe Casha. Amabile Casha., married with issue. Rachele Casha. Carmela Casha. Concetta Casha. Georgina Casha. Carmelo Casha, married 1854 to M'Marguerite Agius, with issue. Nicola Casha, married Maria Collings, with issue. Giuseppe Casha. Anna Casha, married Antonio Zammit, with issue. Ugo Zammit, married Giulia Azzopardi. Anthony Zammit. Eric Zammit. Walter Zammit. Bice Zammit, married Joseph Borg., with issue. Joseph Zammit, married Carmen Camilleri., with issue. Hugh Zammit. Edwin Zammit. Amadeo Zammit, dunm. Giuseppe Zammit, dunm. Carmela Zammit, married Pharmist. Joseph Ellul, with issue. Joseph Ellul, married Ines Camenzuli, dsp. Carmelo Ellul, married Lily Xuereb, with issue. Albert Ellul, dunm. George Ellul, married Antoniette Chetcuti., with issue. Frederick Ellul. Nathalie Ellul. Cecil Ellul, married Antoniette ..., with issue. Mary Ellul, dunm. Amalia Ellul, dunm. Edgar Ellul, married Lucy Bonnici, with issue. Joseph Ellul, married Maria Grech., with issue. Robert Ellul. Joanne Ellul, married to Roger Bugeja Desain Marlene Ellul., dunm. Margerita Ellul. Antoine Ellul, married Doris Sacco, with issue. Steve Ellul. Silvaine Marie Ellul. Eric Ellul. Vincent Ellul, married Mary Said, with issue. Laurence J. Ellul, B.Pharm (Hons)., married Michelle Mizzi, B.Pharm (Hons)., with issue. David Ellul. Ennio A. Ellul., BE&A (Hons) ,A&CE. Giovanna Zammit., dunm. Eliseo Zammit, dunm. Amante Zammit, dunm. Ercole Zammit, married Mary Cammenzuli, with issue. Ehtel Zammit. Oscar Zammit, married Agnese Buttigieg, with issue. Victor Zammit, married Iris Galea, with issue. Ian Zammit. Sandra Zammit, married Mark Agius. David Zammit. Bridget Zammit, married Jan Hermanns. Peter Zammit. Susanne Zammit. Anne Zammit. Don Vincenzo Casha, dunm. Vincenza Casha, married James Collings., with issue. Gioacchino Casha.
1.3.2. Dr. Gaetano Delicata LL.D, married 1741 to Rosalea Azzopardi, with issue. Chco. Deodata Delicata. Marquis Girolamo Delicata.-See Below. Caterina Delicata, had issue Anna Maria Delicata, "Manumessa della Caterina", married 1778 to Giovanni Psaila
1.3.3. Gio Batta Delicata, married 1757 to Teresa Bigeni.
1.3.4. Gio Antonio Delicata, married 1769 to Francesca Bartolo, with issue. Vincenza Delicata, married (1) 1790 to Giuseppe Rossignard, Married (2) Gio Batta Saydon., with issue Dr. Emmanuele Rosignard LL.D. Notary. Antonio Delicata, N.P, married 1797 to Elizabetta Gusmano, with issue. Salvatore Delicata, married 1823 to Maria Azzopardi. Margherita Delicata, married 1764 to Lorenzo Speranza. Giuseppe Delicata, married 1766 to Antonia Caramia.
1.4. Maria Delicata, married 1708 to Mario Pulis.
1.5. Giuseppe Delicata, married 1716 to Martina Farrugia, married (2) to Clara..., with issue.
1.5.1. Saverio Delicata.
1.5.2. Teresa Delicata, married 1743 to Giuseppe Micallef.
1.5.3. Giorgio Delicata, married 1771 to Maria Sillato.
1.5.4. Rosaria Delicata, married 1760 to Ludovico Ciantar.
1.6. Grazia Delicata, married 1707 to Carlo Grech.
1.6.1. Clemenza Grech, married 1729 to Giuseppe Agius, with issue Gaetano Agius, married 1755 to Rosa Maria Cassar, with issue. Rosalea Agius, married 1778 to Alessandro Micallef, with issue. Vincenzo Micallef, married 1807 to Giovanna Borg, with issue. Carmela Micallef, married 1833 to Mario Cassar. Maria Micallef, married 1797 to Salvatore Borg. Domenico Agius, married 1776 to Anna Xicluna. Maria Agius, married 1761 to Angelo Caruana. Clemenza Agius, married 1795 to Giuseppe Fugard. Pietro Agius, married 1775 to Imperia Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Agius, married 1808 to Maria Ellul. Giuseppe Agius, married 1798 to Paola Calleja.

* Dr Gerolamo Delicata, LL.D, 1st Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed (cr:1796), married 1787 to Veneranda Gatto (See Beberrua), with issue

1. Dr Giuseppe Delicata, LL.D. (died 1824), 2nd Marquis-See Below.

2. NN Delicata, married Franco dei Baroni Gauci.
3. Giuseppe Delicata.

* Dr Giuseppe Delicata, LL.D. (died 1824), 2nd Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed, married 1817 to Vincenza dei Baroni Gauci-Ducoss, with issue

1. Dr Gaetano Delicata, LL.D (1818-1901), 3rd Marquis -See Below.

2. Dr. Giuseppe Delicata, LL.D, (1824-85), married 1851 to Giovanna Carbott-Montalto, 4th Baroness di Grua, with issue

3. Angelica Delicata dei Marchesi di Ghajn Qajjed, married 1842 to Francesco Gauci-Bonici, with issue

3.1.Anna dei Baroni Gauci-Bonici, married 1877 to Giuseppe Manduca dei Conti Mont'Alto, with issue.

3.1.1. Luigi Manduca-Gauci dei Conti di Mont'Alto, 4th Marquis -See Below.

3.1.2. Other issue (Female issue)

3.2. Filomena dei Baroni Gauci Bonici, married 1878 to Francesco Saverio Formosa de Fremaux, Comte de Santa Sofia (See Foreign titles), with issue.

3.2.1. Francis Formosa Gauci, Comte de Santa Sofia (See Santa Sofia) (1887-1922), married 1913 to Rosa Manduca dei Conti di Mont'Alto, with issue Rev. Victor Formosa Gauci, S.J. Comte de Santa Sofia, 5th Marquis -See Below. Major Pietro Paolo Formosa Gauci, RMA, (1919-84), Marchesino di Ghajn Qajjed, Contino di Santa Sofia, married firstly 1949 to Lynette Lanzon (died 1958), with issue,

Major Formosa Gauci, married Secondly 1963 to Elise Mifsud, with further issue Marriage) Michael Formosa Gauci, (1958-.,
Acknowledged by the C.O.P as the 6th Marquis of Ghajn Qajjed, and also in France, as the Comte de Santa Sofia. Clarissa Formosa Gauci (1950- Ann Formosa Gauci (1952-, married 1972 to Richard Granville-Cole MBE, with issue Sally Anne Granville-Cole (1979- Elizabeth Jane Granville-Cole (1981- Joan Formosa Gauci (1955-., married 1978 to Joseph Vella Muscat, with issue Mark Vella Muscat (1979- Matthew Vella Muscat (1981- Rebecca Vella Muscat ( Nicholas Vella Muscat ( (Second Marriage) Josef Formosa Gauci (1968- May Formosa Gauci, (1916-42) Eugenia Formosa Gauci, (1917- Margaret Formosa Gauci, (1921-42)

* Dr Gaetano Delicata, LL.D. (1818-1901), 3rd Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed, married 1840 to Caterina Dalmas (daughter of Hon Francesco Dalmas, Cashier of Govt Treasury, Malta), with issue

1. Josephine Delicata dei Marchesi di Ghajn Qajjed (dunm. 1910)

2. Mary Delicata dei Marchesi Ghajn Qajjed (dunm. 1917)

* Luigi Manduca-Gauci, 4th Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed (succeeded as Marquis in 1917), dunm. 1926.

* Rev. Victor Formosa Gauci, S.J. (1914-2004)., 5th Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed, Count di Santa Sofia. 

* Michael Formosa Gauci (1958- ). 6th Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed, Count di Santa Sofia)



Dr Giuseppe Delicata LL.D, 2nd Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed (died 1824), married 
1817 to Vincenza Gauci-Ducoss

1. Dr Gaetano Delicata LL.D, 3rd Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed (1818-1901), 
married Caterina Dalmas
1.1. Josephine Delicata, dunm 1910
1.2. Mary Delicata, dunm 1917.
2. Dr Giuseppe Delicata LL.D (1824-85), married Giovanna Carbott Montalto, 
4th Baroness di Grua
2.1 Nicola Maria Delicata Carbott (1854-88), 5th Baron di Grua, dunm
3. Angelica Delicata, married Francesco dei Baroni Gauci Bonici
3.1. Anna Gauci Bonici, married 1877 to Giuseppe dei Conti Manduca
3.1.1. Luigi Manduca Gauci, 4th Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed, dunm 1926.
3.2. Filomena Gauci Bonici (died 1921), married 1878 to Francesco Saverio 
Formosa de Fremaux, Count di Santa Sofia
3.2.1. Francis Formosa Gauci, Count of Santa Sofia (1887-1922), married 
Rosa dei Conti Manduca Rev. Victor Formosa Gauci, S.J. (1914-. 5th Marquis di Ghajn 
Qajjed, Count di Santa Sofia) Major Pietro Paolo Formosa Gauci (1919- , married firstly to 
Lynette Lanzon, with issue. Married Secondly to Elise Mifsud (First Marriage) Michael Formosa Gauci (1958- . 6th Marquis di Ghajn Qajjed, Count di Santa Sofia) Clarissa Formosa Gauci, married 1977 to Richard Granville, with issue Anne Formosa Gauci (1952- Joan Formosa Gauci, married Joseph Vella Muscat, with issue (Second Marriage) Josef Formosa Gauci (1968-

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