Ghajn Tuffieha

Title: Count
Title in succession:
Date created: 
7th January 1792
Grant by: 
Grand Master Emanuel de Rohan Polduc
Granted To: Ferdinando Teuma Castelletti
Rep: Teuma Castelletti
Remainder to:
his issue in perpetuity
Present Holder:
Mary Frances McCutcheon (never registered with the Comm. of Privileges)
Note: British crown recognised 1878
Abeyance: Was dormant until 2001 (was brought out and presented to
Mary Frances Teuma Castelletti)
Feudal tribute: a bouquet of flowers on the feast of St.Martin, Pope (13th November) every year 
Further notes: Canada

Mary Frances Teuma Castelletti McCutcheon

The Countess Mary Frances Teuma Castelletti McCutcheon, current Title holder

Teuma Castelletti Coat of Arms (designed by Andrea Sacco-Baldacchino Cascun)


* Niccolo Teuma, "Founder of the Benefice 'Ta Viet' in 1519), married with issues

1. Franco Teuma, -See Below.

* Franco Teuma, married to Marietta Meilak, with issues

1. Mattiola Teuma, married 1616 to Mro. Gio Batta Xerri, with issue

2. Paolina Teuma, married 1611 to Mro. Gio-Barbaro Bonici, with issue

3. Adrianna Teuma, married 1606 to Domenico Tonna, with issues

4. Salvatore Teuma, married 1604 to Margarita Imbroll, with issues

4.1. Beatrice Teuma, married 1645 to Diegio d'Armenia, with issues

4.2. Marietta Teuma, married (1) 1632 to Sebastiano Bonavia, Married (2) 1642 to Mro. Tomaso Burlo.

4.3. Dr. Pietro Paolo Teuma, married 1640 to Giustina Castelletti, (See Extinct titles-under Marsa), with issues

4.3.1. Baldassare Teuma Castelletti, married 1674 to Anastasia d'Anastasio, with issue Fra. Ignazio Teuma Castelletti, dunm. Dr. Pietro Paolo Teuma Castelletti, married (1) 1698 to Anna Maria Tabone, (See Fiddien), Married (2) 1742 to Partenia Gucciardi, with issue (Second Marriage) Dr. Ferdinand Teuma Castelletti, 1st Count -See Below. Gio Batta Teuma Castelletti, "Canon", dunm. Ferdinando Teuma Castelletti, dunm. Rosa Teuma Castelletti, married Srejano Raeonicchio

4.3.2. Salvatore Teuma Castelletti, 'Canon', dunm.

4.3.3. Fra. Vincenzo Teuma Castelletti, dunm.

4.3.4. Margerita Teuma Castelletti, married Guilo Micallef, with issues

4.4. Antonia Teuma, married (1) 1619 to Natale Burlo, Married (2) 1624 to Andrea Micallef

4.5. Eugenio Teuma, married 1644 to Maria d'Amico

4.6. Placido Teuma, married Ubaldesca ..., with issues

4.6.1. Giuseppina Teuma, married 1680 to Gio Paolo Mifsud

5. Beatrice Teuma, married 1618 to Mario Allegritto, with issue

6. Prudenza Teuma, married 1624 to Giuseppe Moscati, with issue

7. Francesco Teuma, married Marietta Micallef, with issue
7.1. Domenico Teuma
7.2. Prudenza Teuma, married Giuseppe Muscat
7.3. Pauline Teuma, married Gio Batta Bonici

8. Fra. Bernardo Teuma, dunm

* Ferdinand Teuma Castelletti, (died 1821), 1st Count of Ghajn Tuffieha, (Cr:1792),

Married 1770 to Taumaturga dei Conti Preziosi, with issue

1. Vincenzo Teuma Castelletti, dunm, infancy.

2. Francesco Teuma Castelletti, dunm, infancy.

3. Pietro Paolo Teuma Castelletti, dunm, infancy.

4. Gio Francesco Teuma Castelletti, 2nd Count-See Below.

5. Luigi Teuma Castelletti, married 1800 to Marianna Alford, with issue

5.1. Vincenzo Teuma Castelletti, married (1) Maria Balbi, Married (2) to Adelaide Calafiore, with issue

5.1.1. (First Marriage) Maria Luisa Teuma Castelletti, dunm.

5.1.2. (Second Marriage) Carmela Teuma Castelletti, married Capt Paolo Azopardi, with issue

5.1.3. Luisa Teuma Castelletti, dunm.

5.1.4. Caterina Teuma Castelletti

5.1.5. Alessandro Teuma Castelletti, married 1876 to Paola Sapiano, with issue Joseph Teuma Castelletti, married 1926 to Rosaria Cachia, with issue Alfred Teuma Castelletti., married 1981 to M.Lourdes Vassallo. Anna Maria Teuma-Castelletti, married Victor Saliba Mario Teuma-Castelletti, Married Lydia Vella. Victoria. Teuma Castelletti, married N.N. Cachia, with issue Mary Cachia Teuma Castelletti, married to Giuseppe Vassallo (son of Carmelo Vassallo, whom was the brother of Maria Vassallo, Baroness di Ghajn Rihani e Signorina di Mugiarro), with issue. Clementine Cachia Teuma Castelletti, married to Joseph Schembri (A descendant of the Barons di Bavuso), with issue Oreste Cachia Teuma Castelletti Anthony Cachia Teuma Castelletti

5.1.6. Guglielmo Teuma Castelletti

5.1.7. Michelino Teuma Castelletti

5.2. Pietro Teuma Castelletti

5.3. Antonio Teuma Castelletti

5.4. Carmelo Teuma Castelletti

5.5. Adelaide Teuma Castelletti, married 1841 to Giuseppe Xuereb, with issue

5.5.1. Pietro Paolo Xuereb, married with issue. Modesta Xuereb

5.5.2. Marianna Xuereb, married Antonio Catania, with issue Franco Catania Marianna Catania Caterina Catania

6. Giuseppe Teuma Castelletti, married 1806 to Elisabetta Alford, with issue

6.1. Paolo Teuma Castelletti, married Concetta..., with issue

6.1.1. Carmelo Teuma Castelletti

6.2. Luigi Teuma Castelletti, married Rosa..., with issue

6.2.1. Agata Teuma Castelletti

6.2.2. Giuseppe Teuma Castelletti

6.3. Marianna Teuma Castelletti, married 1834 to Gio Maria Galea, with issue

6.3.1. Elizabeth Galea

6.3.2. Saverio Galea

6.3.3. Maria Teresa Galea

6.4. Vincenzo Teuma Castelletti

6.5. Ferdinand Teuma Castelletti, married Giovanna Cali, with issue

6.5.1. Guilia Teuma Castelletti

6.5.2. Carmelo Teuma Castelletti

6.5.3. Emilea Teuma Castelletti

6.5.4. Antonio Teuma Castelletti

6.6. Emmanuele Teuma Castelletti, married Rosa, with issue

6.6.1. Carmelo Teuma Castelletti

7. Antonia Teuma Castelletti, married Gio Batta Bonici, (See Descendants in Qlejjgha)

8. Ursola Teuma Castelletti, married Francesco Grech-Delicata, with issue

8.1. Taumaturga Grech-Delicata

8.2. Gio Carlo Grech-Delicata

8.3. Marianna Grech-Delicata, married Gaetano Calleja

8.4. Ferdinand Grech-Delicata, married Carmela Scifo

8.5. Antonio Grech-Delicata

8.6. Maria Grech-Delicata

8.7. Calcedonio Grech-Delicata

8.8. Carmelo Grech-Delicata

* Gio Francesco Teuma Castelletti, (Died 1828), 2nd Count of Ghajn Tuffieha,

Married 1805 to Maria Teresa Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien, with issue.

1. Pietro Paolo Teuma Castelletti, 3rd Count-See Below.

* Pietro Paolo Teuma Castelletti, (1807-84), 3rd Count of Ghajn Tuffieha,

Married Firstly 1865 to Maria Teresa Testaferrata Viani dei Baroni di Tabria, and dsp.

Married Secondly in 1875 to Maria Teresa Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien, with issue.

1. Rev. Francesco Teuma Castelletti, 4th Count-See Below.

2. Major. Giuseppe Teuma Castelleti, MVO., (1879-1942), married firstly in 1901 to Maria Rachele Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben, and dsp.

Married Secondly in 1941 to Mary Fenech Carbott, (See Grua), and had no surviving issue.

3. Maria Antonio Teuma Castelletti, (1881-...), dunm.

4. Saverio Alfonso Teuma Castelletti, 5th Count-See Below.

* Rev. Francesco Teuma Castelletti,(1877-1959) 4th Count of Ghajn Tuffieha and dunm.

* Saverio Alfonso Teuma Castelletti,(1884-65), 5th Count of Ghajn Tuffieha,

Married 1901 to Maria Concetta Mallia, with issue

1. Pietro Paolo Teuma Castelletti, (1901-65), Contino di Ghajn Tuffieha, married 1932 to Frances Helena Trout, with issue.

1.1. Mary Frances Teuma Castelletti, (1934-,
Acknowledged by the COP as the 6th Countess of Ghajn Tuffieha Married 1952 to Donald Robert McCutcheon, with issue.

1.1.1. Peter Donald McCutcheon, (1953-, married 1971 to Judith Anne Petch, with issue. Kimberley Anne McCutcheon, (1972- Cadace Marie McCutcheon, (1980-

2. Giuseppe Teuma Castelletti, ( 1907-55), married Lillian Villenieuve, with issue

2.1. Joseph Teuma Castelletti, (1931-

2.2. Dorothy Teuma Castelletti, (1932-, married Harry Kerr, with issue

2.2.1. Michael Kerr, (1953-, married Catherine Gallant, with issue Shawn Kerr Tammy Kerr

2.2.2. Cheryl Kerr, (1957-, married David McClenaghan, with issue Lisa McClenaghan, (1981-

3. Salvino Teuma Castelletti, (1911-85), married 1939 to Doris Olive Trout, with issue

3.1. Helen Sylvia Teuma Castelletti, (1939-, married (1) 1959 to George O'Leary, with issue. Married (2) 1974 to Frank Csongrandi.

3.1.1. (First Marriage) Bradley Joseph O'Leary, (1963-

3.1.2. Deborah Anne O'Leary, (1960-, married with issue

3.1.3. Christine Anne O'Leary, (1961-, married 1983 to Christopher Simmons

3.2. Evelyn Sandra Teuma Castelletti, (1941-, married 1966 to Paul Desjardins, with issue

3.2.1. Christopher Paul Desjardins, (1968-

4. Roberto Teuma Castelletti, (1915-69), married Frances Higgins, with issue

4.1. Leonard Teuma Castelletti, (1954-, married Sylvia Mule

4.2. Gerard Teuma Castelletti, (1961-, married Deborah Clark

4.3. Roberta Teuma Castelletti, (1960-

4.4. Regina Teuma Castelletti, (1965-

5. Lorenzo Teuma Castelletti, (1917-, married Mildred May Palmier, with issue

5.1. Larry Samuel Teuma Castelletti, (1955-

5.2. Lorraine Julia Teuma Castelletti, (1950-, married Michael Wesley Dault, with issue

5.2.1. Kevin Archibald Dault, (1973-

5.2.2. Steven Michael Dault, (1976-

6. Maria Grazia Teuma Castelletti, (1905-1919), married Joseph Vella, with issue

6.1. Oreste Vella, dsp.

7. Giulietta Teuma Castelletti, (1909-, married Joseph Micallef, with issue

7.1. Joseph Severine Micallef, (1928-, married 1949 to Emogne Cummingham, with issue

7.2. Francis Micallef, (1930-, married Florence Grezski, with issue

7.3. Anthony Micallef, (1931-, married Barbara Kuyava with issue

7.4. Charles Robert Micallef, (1938-, married Geraldine Wepplo, with issue

7.5. Louise Micallef, (1933-, married 1954 to Raymond Cebulski, with issue




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