Title: Baroness
Title in succession:
Date created:
Grand Master Ramon Despuig
Granted To: Ignazio Bonici
Rep: Testaferrata-Bonici-Ghaxaq
Remainder to:
his legitimate and natural first born male descendants in perpetuity
Present Holder: Agnes Gera De Petri
Note: see San Vincenzoi Ferreri also known as 'QLEJJGHA'
Extinct Magisterial Titles: Lord of Qlejja (Mego)
Other related titles: San Vincenzo Ferreri


Agnes Testaferrata-Bonici,  Baroness of Qlejja and Marchioness di San Vincenzo Ferreri

The fief of Qlejja (Qlejjgha or Culeja) was granted or sold to many families. The grants were to the following families. Vaccaro 1398; Pace 1472; Falca 1486; Bordino 1510; Mombron 1514; Spadafora 1567 and the present grant to the Bonici in 1737. 

The grant was created to Ignazio Bonici by Grand Master Despuig on 2nd June 1737 with remainder to his descendants in perpetuity, each holder having th right to nominate a successor, in default of nomination to the first born male descendant and in absence of male issue, to the first female descendant. Member of the clergy are precluded from succession by primogeniture 

Various other nobleman were commissioned to Military posts in 1750. This included Baron Bonici who was appointed Primotenente of the First Company of the Falconieri.

The title was succeeded from father to son until the 3rd Baron died in 1809, when his eldest daughter becoming the 4th Baroness, Upon her death, and also childless, she was succeeded by her nephew . 

Emanuele Testaferrata-Bonici-Ghaxaq, was the 5th Marquis di San Vincenzo Ferreri and Testaferrata( See the history of Testaferrata), and inherited the title of Baron di Qlejjha as the 5th Baron. 

The combined titles were inherited from father to son , and in 1945 on the death of the 7th Marquis, also 6th Baron, the title was split between two sons. 

The elder 8th Marquis, dying unmarried in 1988, and the younger son, the 7th Baron dying in 1982, when both titles were conveyed to the 7th Baron`s daughter Agnes. The title of Marquisate Testaferrata went to the next MALE DESCENDANT. 

As the eldest daughter of the 7th Baron di Qlejja, Agnes succeeded as the 9th Baroness di Qlejja in 1982, and as the 9th Marchioness di San Vincenzo Ferreri in 1988. 

Agnes, married in 1973 to Alfred Gera de Petri, with three children. 

Agnes Gera De Petri's heirs are her sons, Daniel Gera de Petri-Testaferrata-Bonici, as the Marchesino di San Vincenzo Ferreri, and her younger son Dr. Andrea Gera de Petri-Testaferrata-Bonici-Ghaxaq LL.D as the Baroncino di Qlejja. 

Julia is their third daughter.

A short view of the Family Tree of the Barons di Qlejja.

Emmanuele Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, 6th Marquis di San Vincenzo Ferreri, e Testaferrata, 5th Baron di Qlejjgha (1843-1903), married 1874 to Filomena dei Marchese de Piro-Gourgion

1. Daniele Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, 7th Marquis di San Vincenzo Ferreri, e Testaferrata, 6th Baron di Qlejjgha (1880-1945), married 1910 to Agnese dei Baroni Galea-Testaferrata
1.1. Alfio Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, 8th Marquis di San Vincenzo Ferreri, e Testaferrata (1911-88), dunm.
1.2. Lino Testaferrata Bonici, 7th Baron di Qlejjgha (1917-82), married Maria dei Baroni Testaferrata Moroni Viani
1.2.1. Agnese Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq (1949- , 9th Marchioness di San Vincenzo Ferreri, 8th Baroness di Qlejjgha, married 1973 to Alfred Gera de Petri, B.Pharms. Daniele Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq (1974- , Marchesino di San Vincenzo Ferreri. Dr. Andrea Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici, LL.D (1975- , Baroncino di Qlejjgha. Giulia Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici (1982-
1.2.2. Caren Testaferrata Bonici (1952- , married Dr Josef Preziosi, 10th Count Preziosi, with issue
1.2.3. Anna Marie Testaferrata Bonici (1961- , married 1984 to John Spiteri Debono, with issue
1.3. Elena Testaferrata Bonici (1915- , married Arthur Miles, with issue
1.4. Florence Testaferrata Bonici , married Colin Davidson Jensen, with issue
2. Esther Testaferrata Bonici , married 1906 to the 6th Count Fournier, with issue
3. Agata Testaferrata Bonici, married 1905 Philip dei Marchese Testaferrata Bonici (Her first Cousin) Also Her grand son is the eldest Male member of the Testaferrata Bonici family and carried the Italian Title of Marquis Testaferrata (See Marquis's Testaferrata)

The Complete tree:

Francesco Bonici of Fiorentino , Italy . with issue

1. Giacomo Bonnici of
Firenze , Italy , moved to Gozo in 1356., with issue.
1.1. Judge Giovanni Bonnici, Judge in Gozo 1401-07. with issue.
1.1.1. Giacomo Bonnici, Jurat of Gozo, Moved to
Malta 1449., with issue. Giovanni Bonnici, married to Caterina.., with issue. Simone Bonnici, married Lucia Fava, with issue. Giuliano Bonnici, married Agnese ..., with issue. Cornelia Bonnici. Imperia Bonnici, married 1541 to Dr. Agostino Cumbo JUD. Bernardina Bonnici, married 1533 to Don. Giam Piero dei Principe Sayd. Bartolomeo Bonnici. Dianora Bonnici, married Bernardino Baglio. Ilagio Bonnici, married Tomaso Falsone (or Tabone!) Isabella Bonnici, married (1) Lorenzo Barbara, Married (2) Pietro de Brancato, married (3) Matteo dello Re. Ugolino Bonnici, married Imperia Abela, with issue Benedetta Bonnici, married 1564 to Vincenzo Vassallo. Daniele Bonnici, married 1568 to Giovanella Vella Bordino, with issue. Isabella Bonnici, married (1) 1588 to Dr Niccolo Muscat JUD, married (2) Aurelio Vassallo. Marietta Bonnici, married 1594 to Dr. Gio Angelo d'Anastasio JUD. Gio Maria Bonnici, married 1608 to Margherita Cammenzuli, with issue. Daniele Bonnici, dunm. Gregorio Bonnici, married 1646 to Elena Barbaro. Teodora Bonnici, married 1627 to Dr. Giacomo Testaferrata de Robertis. Fra. Vincenzo Bonnici, dunm. Imperia Bonnici, married 1583 to Gio Maria Xerri. Chiara Bonnici, married 1611 to Matteo Delia. Fra. Vincenzo Bonnici, priest in Rome., dunm. Margerita Bonnici, married Dr. Cola. Pietro Xuereb JUD. Clement "sive Francesco" Bonnici, married Agata Vella., with issue. Salvo Bonnici, married Leonora Xuereb, with issue. Ludovico Bonnici, married Agnese Barbara, with issue. Petronilla Bonnici, married 1642 to Michele Mifsud., married 1645 to Fabio Ricci. Dr. Pietro Paolo Bonnici, married (1) Bonaventura Xeberras, married (2) 1694 to Giroloma Madiona, with issue. (First Marriage) Fra. Benigno Bonnici, dunm. Dr. Gio Luigi Bonnici JUD, married 1681 to Flaminea Falsone, with issue. Ventura Bonnici, married (1) Gius Ginevel, married (2) 1723 to Marcello Felici. (Second Marriage) Fra. Franco Bonnici-Madiona, dunm. Carlo Bonnici Madona. Salvatore Bonnici, "Went to
Sicily ". issues in Sicily . Tomaso Bonnici, married 1517 to Margherita Zammit, with issue. Costanza Bonnici, married 1591 to Antonio Abela. Cosmo Bonnici, married (1) 1543 to Caterina Mamo, Married (2) 1575 to Ventura Abela, with issue. Pietro Bonnici, married Imperia... Alfonso Bonnici, married with issue. Caterina Bonnici, married Gio Pietro Apap. Simone Bonnici, married 1590 to Marietta Pace, with issue. Giovannella Bonnici, married Benedetto Hellul. Vincenzo Bonnici, married Margherita Pace. Angelo Bonnici, married 1627 to Leonora Testaferrata, with issue. Alessia Bonnici, married 1669 to Giulio Busuttil. Lucrezia Bonnici, married Cristoforo Baldacchino. Don. Melchiorre Bonnici, dunm. Dr. Marcheso Antonio Bonnici JUD, married 1657 to Cusmania Camenzuli, with issue. Tomaso Bonnici. Gio Domenico Bonnici, married 1695 to Margherita Portughes, with issue. Cosmania Bonnici, married Franco Pace. Fra. Dr. Angelo Bonnici JUD, dunm. Chco. Nunciato Bonnici., married Pulcia Sciriha. Chco. Pietro Paolo Bonnici. Barbara Bonnici, married 1687 to Alessio Ralli. Vincenzo Bonnici, married 1669 to Maria Testaferrata., with issue. Rosalea Bonnici, married Giuseppe Fenech. (See Counts Fenech-Bonnici). Taddeo Bonnici. Dr. Emilio Bonnici JUD. Don. Alberto Bonnici, dunm. Tomaso Bonnici, married Isabella di Lorenzo. (Note: Not sure if it was noted as the daughter of Lorenzo or surname). Bartolomea Bonnici, married Mariano Pace. Entiona Bonnici, married Matteo Abela. Giovanni Bonnici, married 1541 to Imperia Cumbo. Marco Bonnici, married Caterina Zammit, with issue. Mariano Bonnici, married Leonara
Formosa , with issue. Caterina Bonnici, married Paolo d'Avola. Graziano Bonnici, married 1553 to Mariezza Buhagiar, with issue. Paolo Bonnici. Pietro Bonnici, married 1583 to Vincenza Allegritto. Graziola Bonnici, married Alfonso Azzopardi. Margherita Bonnici, married 1529 to Paolo Burlo. Salvo Bonnici, married Francesca dei Baroni Stuniga, with issue. Antonio sive Andrea Bonnici, of Zeitun, with issue Giulio Bonnici of Casal Lucia, with issue. Mro Cosimo Bonnici., married Marietta Magro. Matteo Bonnici, Merchant of Valletta, married Maria Borg., with issue. Don. Fabrizio Bonnici, Auditore of the Pope 1686, Can and Treasurer of the Catheral of Malta, dunm. Dr. Carlo Bonnici JUD, married 1680 to Clerica Testaferrata, with issue. Dr. Ugolino Bonnici JUD, married Augustina Parnis, with issue. Dr. Daniele Bonnici JUD, married Teresa Azzopardi (See Maltese titles under Buleben), with issue. Vincenza Bonnici, married 1789 to Franco Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben. Serafina Bonnici, 'Nun', dunm. Ugolino Bonnici, married 1786 to Eugenia Mamo-Mampalao (Extinct title under Mompalao), with issue. Albina Bonnici, married Conte Felice Manduca. Dr. Carlo Bonnici JUD, Canon of the Cathedral of Malta, dunm. Pietro Paolo Bonnici. Dorothea Bonnici. Saverina Bonnici. Giuseppe Bonnici, Merchant of Valletta, married Marietta Hellul, with issue. Antonia Bonnici, married 1680 to Dr. Pietro Paolo Debono JUD. Chco. Arcangelo Bonnici, married 1697 to Margarita Haxisa, with issue. Don. Filippo Bonnici, priest, dunm. Giovanni Bonnici, married 1618 at St Pauls Bay to Paula Teuma, with issue. Simone Bonnici of Zebbug, married 1636 to Domenica Mizzi, with issue. Cornelius `Sives Angelo` Bonnici, married 1669 to Teresa Attard, with issue. Simone Bonnici of Mosta, married 1711 to Elena Sammut, with issue. Teresa Bonnici, married 1738 to Giovanni Sammut. Domenica Bonnici., married 1740 to Pietro Mifsud. Cornelio Bonnici. of Attard, married 1735 to Giacobina Fenech. Agata Bonnici. Fra. Gregorio Bonnici, dunm. Paolo Bonnici, married Grazia ..., with issue. Don Gio Luca Bonnici, dunm. Don Simone Bonnici, dunm. Ferdiando Bonnici, married with issue. Gio Domenico Bonnici. Antonello Bonnici, married Agata Tonna, with issue. Giacomo Bonnici, married 1572 to Paola Muscat, with issue. Maria Bonnici, married N.N. Xeberras. Dr. Gio Batta Bonnici JUD, married 1610 to Angelica Xara Cassia dei Baroni di Ghariexem e Tabia, with issue Ignazio Bonnici,
-See Below.

Ignazio Bonnici, married 1636 to Antonia Cassar, with issue

1. Gio Domenico Bonici, married 1659 to Maria Cassar, with issue
1.1. Baldassare Bonici, married 1692 to Chiara Falzon with issue
1.1.1. Teodora Bonici, married 1732 to Ignazio Moscati Falsoni Navarra, 1st Count of Bahria, with issue
1.1.2. Maria Teresa Bonici, married 1733 to Gio Batta Viani, 2nd Baron di Tabria, with issue 
1.1.3. Caterina Bonici, married Paolo Moscati.
1.2. Rosa Bonici, married 1691 to Diegio Galea Feriol, 1st Baron di San Marciano, with issue
1.3. Giuseppe Bonici, married (1) Paula Lavantiemi, married (2) 1739 to Anna Bruno, with issue
1.3.1. (First Marriage) Dr Salvatore Bonici, married 1750 to Teresa Micallef, with issue Giuseppe Bonici, 'Canon', dunm. Leopoldo Bonici, married Teresa...., with issue Giuseppe Bonici, married Angela ...., with issue Teresa Bonici, married Giuseppe Bugeja, with issue Paolo Bonici, married 1804 to Regina Scifo, with issue Teresa Bonici Anna Bonici, married Dr Salvatore Scifo, with issue
1.4. Carlo Bonici.
2. Prudenzia Bonici, 'Nun', dunm.
3. Don. Michele Bonici, 'Arch-deacon of Co-Catherdral in
Valletta ', dunm.
4. Polixema Bonici, married Tomaso Costanzo, with issue,
-See Paganica, Dukes of
5. Dr Gio Batta Bonici,
-See Below.
6. Pulcheria Bonici, died 1673.

Dr Gio Batta Bonici, JUD., Married 1661 to Caterina Cassar, with issue.

1. Antonio Bonici, married 1723 to Chiara Platamone, with issue
1.1. Gregorio Bonici Platamone, married Maria Antonia Cassia dei Baroni Ghariexem e Tabia, with issue.
1.1.1. Pietro Paolo Bonici Platamone Cassia, (1755-83), married 1783 to Johanna Perdicomati Bologna, 3rd Countess of Catena, dsp.
1.1.2. Chiara Bonici Platamone Cassia, 7th Baroness of Ghariexem e Tabia-(See That Title).
1.1.3. Maria Bonici Platamone Cassia, married 1783 to Alessandro D'Amico Inguanez, 17th Baron di Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, with issue.
2. Ignazio Bonici, 1st Baron of Qlejjgha-See Below.
3. Antonia Bonici., married Barone Pietro Paolo Xara Cassia, (See Maltese titles under Ghariexem e Tabia)
4. Don. Filippo Bonici. dunm
5. Pulicheria Bonici.

Ignazio Bonici, 1st Baron of Qlejjgha, (Cr:1737),

Married 1718 to Eugenia Filippa Testaferrata dei Baroni di Gomerino, with issue.

1. Gio Francesco Bonici, 2nd Baron-See Below.
2. Pulcheria Bonici.
3. Gio Batta Bonici., married 1757 at Messina Sicily to
Contessa Carolina Gualtieri, 4th Countess of Dundee, with issue.
4. Antonia Bonici.

* Gio Francesco Bonici, (Died 1793), 2nd Baron of Qlejjgha,

Married 1766 to Vincenza Olivier de Puget Ducoss, with issue.

1. Ignazio Bonici, 3rd Baron-See Below.

2. Anna Bonici, married 1793 to Francesco Saverio dei Baroni Gauci Ducoss, with issue. (See Extinct Titles).

* Ignazio Bonici, (1779-1809), 3rd Baron of Qlejjgha,

Married 1805 to Anna Marie Testaferrata dei Marchesi di San Vincenzo Ferreri, with issue.

1. Vincenza Bonici, 4th Baroness-See Below.

2. Eugenia Bonici, (Died 1886), married 1840 to Daniele Maria Testaferrata, 5th Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri and Testaferrata. (See San Vincenzo Ferreri for all descendants)

2.1. Emmanuele Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, 5th Baron-See Below.

* Emmanuele Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, (1843-1903), 5th Baron of Qlejjgha, 6th Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri,

6th Marquis Testaferrata, Married 1874 to Filomena dei Marchesi De Piro Gourgion, with issue.

1. Daniele Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, 6th Baron-See Below. 

You can see the other part of the family at http://user.orbit.net.mt/fournier/sanVincenzo.htm 

or the rest of descendants - press San Vincenzo Ferreri (external link).

* Daniele Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, (1880-1945),

6th Baron of Qlejjgha, 7th Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri, and Testaferrata.

Married 1910 to Agnese Galea Testaferrata dei Baroni di San Marciano, with issue.

(See San Vincenzo Ferreri for complete Testaferrata Bonici descendants)

1. Alfio Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, 8th Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri and Testaferrata,

2. Lino Testaferrata Bonici, 7th Baron-See Below.

* Lino Testaferrata Bonici, (1917-82), 7th Baron of Qlejjgha, Marchesino di San Vincenzo Ferreri e Testaferrata.

Married 1948 to Maria Testaferrata Moroni Viani dei Baroni della Tabria, with issue.

1. Agnese Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, acknowledged by the COP/LOM as the 8th Baroness of Qlejjgha and 9th Marchioness of San Vincenzo Ferreri. (1949-, ) married Alfred Gera de Petri, B.Pharm, with issue.

1.1. Daniele Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici, KM, (1974-, married 2003 to Enyd Pisani

1.2. Dr Andrea Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici,B.A, LL.D, (1975-, married 2003 to Kate De Cesare., with issue.
1.2.1. Georgia Gera de Petri, (2004-.

1.3. Giulia Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici, (1982-

2. Caren Testaferrata Bonici, married 1978 to Dr Josef Preziosi, The Count Preziosi, with issue

3. Anna Marie Testaferrata Bonici, married 1984 to John Spiteri Debono, with issue

3.1. Michela Consiglia Spiteri Debono, (1985-

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