San Marciano


Title: Baron
Title in succession: 10th
Date created: 
1398 (1726)
Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena
Granted To:  Diego Antonio Galea Feriol
Rep: Trapani Galea Feriol
Remainder to:
his descendants in perpetuity; 
each holder of the title having the right to nominate a successor; 
in default in absence of a male first born or male issue to the female first born, 
members of the clergy are precluded.

Present Holder:
Gino Trapani-Galea-Feriol


The fief of San Marciano was first granted to the Cadumi family in 1398, and later regranted to the Galea-Feriol family in 1726. 

The title of Baron di San Marciano was created to Diego Antonio Galea-Feriol in 1726 by Grand Master de Vilhena with the remainder of " his descendants in perpetuity , each holder of the title having the right to nominate a successor , in default of nomination to his first born male descendant and in absent of male issue, to his female descendants. Members of the Clergy are precluded from succession by primogeniture. 

The Barons Pisani and Galea-Feriol, Marquis Testaferrata and Count Sant were the first titled Jurats ever to serve together in 1776.

Ironically, the death of Gumare Galea, in 1761, gave the Grand Master an unexpected chance to show his goodwill towards the Maltese Nobility. As Galea had been a tenente in the Urban Militia, Pinto ordered to have him buried with 'all pomp and full military honours'. The first time that such a privilege was bestowed on Maltese. The funeral cortege was attended by the militia and by most of the nobility and other prominent Maltese. The service was conducted in the Greek Church of Valletta, and the corpse was taken to the Jesuit Church for Burial.
The Cortege started from the house of the Baron di San Marciano. The corpse was carried through the streets of Valletta to the sounds of a drum. The chains of the palace Piazza were removed for the passage of the procession. The coffin was covered with a black velvet cloth bearing the arms of the family.

Under the French occupation, the parents had to pay 800 livres for their sons' board and lodging, and 600 livres for their passage on board French warships. The chosen students had to wear 'blue trousers and waistcoats, red cuffs, and facing and white pipings'. Those families who refused to send their sons to France were to be fined 1000 scudi. Among those who were intially chosen were the young Count Fontani, the three sons of Count Sant, and four other boys whose fathers were respectively Baron Galea, Marquis Mallia, Count Manduca, and Marquis Testaferrata.

The succession of the Barony from father to son came to end in 1884, with the death of the 6th Baron , who died childless, and was succeeded by his brother, the 7th Baron. 
Pietro Paolo Galea , married Vincenza of the very wealthy Feriol family. He inherited, in trust, the feriol property, which included the family palazzi in Valletta and Notabile. 

His great grand son, Baron Lorenzo Galea Feriol, married Angela Saliba, thus increasing the family fortune through acquisition of the Saliba entail. In 1775, this entail together with other properties of the family was estimated to be worth 51,662 scudi, of which one fifth was in the form of investments and capital

Upon the death of the 7th Baron, an act of nomination , his daughter Emilia Galea-Feriol succeeded as the 8th Baroness, and she married Dr Salvatore Trapani LL.D, a Magistrate. 

The Primogenture was succeeded by Emilia`s Brother and also one time Baroncino di San Marciano. His descendants still carry the primogeniture. 

Emilia, died in 1943, to be succeeded by her son Nicolino, as the 9th Baron, then his son Gino on the year of 1963 

Gino Trapani-Galea-Feriol, is presently the 10th Baron, and his heir , the eldest son Michael, Baroncino di San Marciano 

A Genealogical Account of the Barons di San Marciano.

Lorenzo Galea Feriol, C.M.G. (died 1833), 5th Baron di San Marciano, married Maria Anne dei Conti Manduca

1. Pietro Paolo Galea Feriol, 6th Baron di San Marciano, married 1833 to Vincenza Bonici, Baroness di Qlejjgha, and dsp.
2. Calcedonio Galea Feriol, (1823-1912), 7th Baron di San Marciano, married 1845 to Angelica dei Marchese Apap Bologna.
2.1. Nicola Galea Feriol, Baroncino di San Marciano (1849-1915), married Camilla dei Marchese Testaferrata Olivier.
2.1.1. Lorenzo Galea Testaferrata, (1877-1930), dunm.
2.1.2. Ignazio Galea Testaferrata, (1883-1939), dunm.
2.1.3. Biagio Galea Testaferrata (1886-1948), married 1926 to Anne dei Baroni Attard Montalto Mario Galea Testaferrata (1929- , married 1958 to Rosemary Xuereb James Galea Testaferrata (1960- , married Anne Preca Rose Galea Testaferrata (1991- Simon Galea Testaferrata (1970- Camilla Galea Testaferrata (1958- , married 1984 to James Scerri, with issue Maria Elena Galea Testaferrata (1966- Mariana Galea Testaferrata (1881-1959), married Dr Joseph Gatt MD, dsp. Angese Galea Testaferrata (1885-1941), married 1910 to Daniele Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, 7th Marquis di San Vincenzo Ferreri e Testaferrata, 6th Baron di Qlejjgha, with issue
2.2. Carmela Galea Feriol, married 1875 to Giuseppe Testaferrata Viani, 5th Baron di Tabria, and dsp.
2.3. Emilia Galea Feriol (1852-1943), 8th Baroness (by Nomination) of San Marciano, married Dr Salvatore Trapani, LL.D.
2.3.1. Nicolino Trapani Galea Feriol, 9th Baron di San Marciano, married 1924 to Marie dei Marchese e Baroni de Piro (c 1902-. Gino Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1942-,10th Baron di San Marciano, married 1970 to Sylvia Gasan Michael Trapani Galea Feriol (c1973-, Baroncino di San Marciano Bettina Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1972- Greta Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1976- Paul Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1980- Emily Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1926- Geraldine Trapani Galea Feriol (c1928- Natalie Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1929-, married 1959 Antoine Bianchi Nicholas Bianchi (c 1960- , married 1986 to Marie dei Marchese Testaferrata Bonici Pierre Bianchi (c 1988- Robert Bianchi (c 1989- Andrea Bianchi (c 1962- Anne Marie Bianchi (c 1967- Dorothy Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1932- Marlene Trapani Galea Feriol (c 1936-, married 1964 to Edgar Huber Colin Huber (c 1965- Christopher Huber (c 1966- John Huber (c 1971-
2.3.2. Carmela Trapani Galea Feriol
2.3.3. Giuseppina Trapani Galea Feriol
2.3.4. Teresina Trapani Galea Feriol
3. Angelica Galea Feriol, married Giuseppe dei Conti Manduca, with issue
4. Madalena Galea Feriol, married Sir Vincenzo Manduca, K.C.M.G., 4th Count of Mont'alto and dsp.

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