Title: Marquis
Title in succession:
Date created: 
Grant by:  
Grand Master de Rohan-Polduc
Granted To: Saverio Alessi
Rep: Alessi (dormant)
Remainder to:
his legitimate natural descendants in perpetuity
Present Holder: Prof. Ivan Sammut Alessi 

Abeyance: Passed into abeyance 1953 and brought out 1982 by the Com. of Privileges
Extinct Magisterial Titles: Marquis of Taflia in 1787, later granted to Joseph Sammut Testaferrata Alessi
The present holder has reputably not registered his title with the Comm. of Privileges


Lt. Col. Frederick Sedley Alessi, 5th. Marquis of Taflia (1837-1921)

Ethel Maud Williamson Wearing Sedley Alessi, 6th. Marchioness of Taflia (1872-1953)

The title of Taflia was first granted to Giovanni Battista Mompalao by the Grand Master de Rohan-Polduc as a life title, becoming extinct on his death in 1787. 

On the Year of 1790, Grand Master de Rohan-Polduc regranted the title to Saverio Alessi with remainder to his legitimate and natural descendants in perpetuity (Jure Longobardum) to all descendants equally.

Saverio Alessi was a jurat of Valletta and Notabile, member of the Maltese Chambers of Commerce, Lieutenant of Militia and secreto to Grand Master von Hompesch, dying in 1816 , succeeded by his son Vincenzo who died unmarried in 1842 succeeding by his brother sons.

The title followed further successions to Saverio (a Francescian Friar) and Bernardo Alessi, both died unmarried.

The next Holder was a son of the sister of Saverio and Bernardo, Frederick Sedley-Alessi as the 5th Marquis. Frederick served in the British Army, served in the China war and retired in 1880 with the rank of Lieut. Col. And died in 1921, Succeeded by his only child.

Ethel Maud succeeded as the 6th Marchioness and married in 1916 to James Williamson-Wearing, J.P , though childless, died in 1953 and the title went into abeyance.

Ethel Maud’s first cousin Sydney Cornwall-Legh-Alessi was a de jure Marquis of Taflia only for several months died in 1953.

The direct line had became extinct, the next of kin was from the first Marquis’s other son, with further descendants with further de jure Marquis, with Dr Guiseppe Borg-Falzon-Alessi M.D dying in 1978.

Dr Giuseppe was succeeded as de jure by his first cousin, Joseph Sammut Testaferrata Alessi. The Committee of privileges of Maltese nobility called out the title from abeyance in 1982, and Joseph becoming the 7th and present Marquis .

His daughter and only child is his heir.

A Genealogical Account of the Marquis's di Taflia

Saverio Alessi, 1st Marquis di Taflia (died 1816), married secondly 1783 to Gertrude Bres.

1. Francesco Alessi (died 1836), married 1810 to Francesca Giglio (Descendants succeeded to the Marquis di Taflia, and had become Extinct in 1953)
2. Mederico dei Marchesi Alessi, married 1818 to Giuseppa Maria Aguis
2.1. Enrico dei Marchesi Alessi, married 1860 to Margherita Zarb
2.1.1. Carmelo dei Marchese Alessi (1861-1914), married 1880 to Elena Vella Maria Alessi (c 1883-1917), married 1911 to Guiseppe Borg Falzon Dr Guiseppe Borg Falzon Alessi MD (c1916-78), dunm. Maria Margherita Alessi (c 1885-1979), married Giovanni Sammut Testaferrata Maria Margherita Alessi dei Marchese della Taflia , married 1918 to Giovanni Sammut Testaferrata Joseph Sammut Testaferrata Alessi (c 1920-2019, 7th Marquis di Taflia, married 1957 to Lina Bugeja Cheryl Sammut Testaferrata Alessi (c 1958-, Marchesina della Taflia) married to Thomas Martin, Arthur Runnacles Carmelo Sammut Alessi (c 1923-, married Anna Azzopardi died 2022) Prof. Ivan Sammut Alessi (c 2020, 8th Marquis di Taflia, it is not known whether he claimed his title legitimately with the Comm. of Privileges) married to Dagmar N. Miriam Sammut Alessi Maria Guiseppina Sammut Alessi (c 1925-, married 1941 to Emanuele Attard Walter Attard Alessi Yvonne Attard Alessi Diane Attard Alessi Maria Dolores Alessi (1881-82), ob.jur. Maria Concetta Alessi (c 1886-1968), married Carmelo Sammut Ph.C Dr Guiseppe Sammut Alessi (c 1912-77), married Helen Borg Dr William Sammut Alessi Ph.C, MD (c 1917-98), married Mary Vella Dr Charles Sammut Alessi MRCS (c 1954-, married 1983 to Rosemary Gough Marie Josette Sammut Alessi (c 1946-, married Lt Col Charles A. Gauci MD,FFARCS, Count Gauci. Camilla Gauci Alessi (c 1983- Anne Marie Sammut Alessi (c 1949-, married 1972 to Dr Joseph Psaila MD, FFRCSMS Nicola Psaila Alessi Bethan Psaila Alessi Rev. Luigi Sammut Alessi (died 1987) Victor Sammit Alessi (c 1921-, maried Dolores Delceppo Edward Sammut Alessi (c 1923-, married 1958 to Mary Gulia Millard Francis Sammut Alessi (c 1925-, married 1954 to Maria Blance Naudi Paul Sammut Alessi, (c 1930- , married 1959 to Louise Genovese Carmelina Sammut Alessi (c 1914- Helen Sammut Alessi (c 1928-

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